I have been missing in action for a total of eight days already because I was preoccupied with a lot of things. I got busy preparing for mini birthday parties and my baby’s monthsary. If you have been reading my blog for quite a while, you would know that I’m a DIY kind of lady, doing her best to inject creative and personalized decors, favors and gifts in almost every kind of celebration. I have prepared garlands that will also serve as photobooth backdrops, place cards and the lunch menu for a dear friend and my son’s ninang who had her birthday last October 5. The party of 5 (actually 6, including my baby) got cancelled the night before because the son of another friend, who is among the guests of our intimate get-together, got sick. Naturally, we have to postpone the party. Family comes first. If I were in her shoes, I would do the same to be by the side of my ailing child. Just like what I did when this  happened months ago. I will show photos of what I have made for this party in another post.

Another house party that I have prepared for was that of my Dad’s. I made another set of garlands with the help of my sister-in-law and hang them in our living room wall to serve as backdrop for the photos. I have also created a cake topper for my Dad. Photos will be shown in another post.

We also celebrated our baby Louiji’s 9th month last Monday, October 14. I make it a point to have a different theme each month and make cake or doughnut toppers. This time, I took it up a notch by creating themed party hats, too. I made three: one for my husband, for our baby and for me. We took photos using the backdrop that we have made for my father’s birthday. You should see the photos! They really look great, happy and colorful 🙂 I’d like to mention that this month’s cake topper, just like that of Louiji’s 7th, was made with my husband’s help.

Aside from the preparation for these festivities, I went MIA from the blogoshpere because of more serious stuff. This month, my husband and I both agreed and decided that I will quit my job to take care of our baby. My mom could no longer manage taking care of my school-age nephew and my 9-month old baby. It was a tough decision that we had to make and we had to do as soon as possible. It was kind of a detour but we both think that it’s the best decision that we can make for our baby. I am currently on the lookout for a work-from-home job that will augment our family’s income.

I had a sort of trial period of one week that enabled me to get a preview of what things would be like when I become a stay-at-home mom. I took a one week off from work to take care of my baby so he can fully recover from that nasty cough and cold and to isolate him from the respiratory virus that was lingering at my parents’ house. During those times, I had a better understanding of my baby’s behavior and schedule. I was able to make adjustments accordingly. I was also able to plot which stuff I can fit in at which schedule. I have also more or less estimated when I can squeeze in some work.

This is another season for us. We are praying for guidance, wisdom, knowledge and discernment as well as strength to carry on. We know that God is faithful. He will make a way and provide for us no matter what.