Or a less serious title – Cooking with What’s Left in the Fridge and Our Cookie Box!

I’ve been sick for a couple of days with allergic rhinitis (let’s call it AR) so I was not able to do my groceries as scheduled. I’ve had AR since college and whenever it gets nasty, even with meds, it’s difficult for me to do my routines. Hence, the depleting food supply.

Since I don’t want to rely too much on deliveries for every meal — it’s also too costly — I decided to make do with what we have on stock. For breakfast, I prepared an oven version of the grilled cheese sandwich for me, my 6-year old, and my 1-year old. It’s a good thing that even though we only had three pieces of bread left, they were not regular slices but big ones. I slathered margarine on each and added generous slices of quick-melt cheese on top before putting those in the oven. I toasted the bread until the cheese melted a bit. And there’s our simple but tasty breakfast!

As part of my lunch, I made do with the Romaine lettuces and sweet corn kernels left on the fridge. I started eating salad at least once a day for almost a week now. And because I have used up most the ingredients in the previous days, all that’s left were the greens and the corn. I just drizzle it with Caesar’s (dressing) and call it a salad.

Because I wasn’t feeling well, I was craving for something sweet. I really wanted to have milktea at snacktime but it wasn’t feasible at that moment. So, while browsing over the Tasty app, my son and I came across the mug cake recipes and he asked that we make some for merienda. And so I did using this recipe. But, instead of the required cookie sandwiches, we use the chocolate chip cookie bites that we have on our cookie box. I asked him and his sister to pound the package — helpful for their gross motor skills — to crumble the cookies. We needed three mugs but we only have one so I used bowls instead. We’re running out of sugar so I just combined the little brown sugar that we have with powdered sugar. Our mugcake-bowlcake turned out fine though not as sweet as it should be so I made chocolate sauce to make it more flavorful. Were my kids satisfied with our humble cakes-in-a-jiffy? A picture of my little one below will give you an answer.

It’s not too often that I am able to whip up something good and tasty from what we have on stock. I am happy at how those little dishes turned out and that I was able to satisfy my kids’ discerning palates. Making do of what we have sparks my creativity and resourcefulness. Many thanks to all the foodies who blog about their mouthwatering dishes  and the whole process of creating them — not only when they turned out good but also when they were less desirable to the eyes and palate.