The St James Christmas Bazaar 2016 Starts Today!

I consider this as our annual tradition when my husband and our little one would come along. The first time that we went to the St James Christmas Bazaar as a family was when I was still babywearing. I strapped my son onto my chest to make it easier for us to navigate the Cuenca Community Center of Ayala Alabang Village. I thought that it would be cozy for my baby and safe at the same time. He was fine for a while but then I had to unstrap him when he got sweaty and uncomfortable. His Dad and I took turns carrying him around. That’s because hundreds of concessionaires and countless of shoppers going in and around the Center, it got a bit hot and in some sections, difficult to move around.

Despite the difficulties – parking, moving around, waiting for a vacant table for us to dine at – I keep coming back to this bazaar. Why? I always get the best bargains and great finds for my loved ones, for our home, and for myself :)

This year, the St James Christmas Bazaar would run from November 24 up to November 27 (Thursday to Sunday). Shoppers may come in as early as 9AM. The Center will close at 9PM. Entrance is FREE.

Things to keep in mind when going to the annual and biggest bazaar in the South:

  • If you can, come early to get better parking. The earliest that we’ve been there was an hour before lunch time. By that time, the center was already packed with shoppers and the streets leading to it were already full of cars. We ended up driving around and got a parking slot on a street that leads to Rustan’s Fresh. From there, we walked a few meters going to the center.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring an extra shirt and mini-fan. You are bound to get sweaty with all the walking!
  • Bring bottles of water to keep yourself and your companions hydrated and to save on drinks when you eat at the food shops.
  • Have a list of what you want to buy. There’s a wide variety of stuff that you can buy at this bazaar – clothes, trinkets, houseware, toys, decor plus a whole lot more. We even got our RFID card from the Petron booth last year. If you want to be within your budget, better have your list with you so you don’t get into impulsive buying.
  • Bring your own sturdy shopping bag.
  • Be mindful of your valuables, that includes your kids :) Don’t keep all of your shopping money in your wallet. When I go shopping on crowded places, I feel safe putting my money on different pockets.
  • The football field near the center is open to the public. Take a breather with all the shopping and take your kids there so they too can relax and have some fun :)

Can’t wait to go! See you there!


4 thoughts on “The St James Christmas Bazaar 2016 Starts Today!

    1. Hello Judith,

      Thank you for reading :)

      I think the best way would be to take either a Grab or Uber so you could go all the way to the Cuenca Community Center where the bazaar takes place.

      When taking a Grab or Uber, ask the driver to go through the No Sticker lane and tell the guard on duty that you’re going to the St James Bazaar. The guard would ask for your driver’s license in exchange of a gate pass. Arrows leading to the bazaar are all over the village. You wouldn’t get lost :)

      Take care and happy shopping!

  1. Hello! If we’re bringing a car, do we still need to leave our driver’s license? Don’t they have special arrangements with the guard house, or something? :)

    1. Hello Cyril!

      Yes, even if you bring your own car, you still need to pass through the “No Sticker” lane and leave your driver’s license. It has been their protocol to non-residents/guests over the years. Don’t worry, our IDs are safe with them :)

      Happy shopping!

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