Praying Incessantly

Not one of all the Lord’s good promises to Israel failed; every one was fulfilled. (Joshua 21:45 NIV)

That’s my memory verse this week.

I pray for a lot of things every day and some of them are things that I have been asking God for quite a while. Well, God gave me and my loved ones a wonderful surprise this week. After a few years, something unpleasant has finally come to an end. We are now free from worrying about what will happen next about it.  I cannot elaborate on it any further because it is something that is very confidential. The reason why I bring that up was because I wanted to share the joy that I now feel after years of praying incessantly for it to be resolved. God is truly faithful. He didn’t let us suffer for too long and He poured His abundant grace on us while we were waiting for that prayer to be answered. I’m not saying that it would always take years before God answers prayers. He has His own timetable and all we have to do is wait and be expectant; which leads me to another answered prayer.

If I had to wait for years for that first prayer to be answered, I only had to sleep on the next one. Yup, God gave the desire of my heart in less than 24 hours! It made me and my husband giddy and excited while we were talking about it on the phone. We have been blessed to watch the upcoming Disney Live! Mickey’s Music Festival for FREE. Actually, hubby would have to pay for his own ticket because the slots that I got are only meant for me and Louiji. The good thing about it, though, is that he can get it at a great discount at work. We have been to Disneyland in Tokyo and met Mickey face-to-face but we still want to have another Mickey encounter for the sake of our little boy. Louiji is a huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan and that he would watch the same episodes every day and would still be amused with the whole gang each time. He would always dance and giggle at his favorite scenes. Seeing how much my son finds joy with the ever famous Disney characters, I kept on praying that we can have the opportunity to watch the show without breaking the bank. It amazed me how God answered a mother’s fervent wish for her child! We may still have to shell out money for one ticket but my husband and I both agree that it is already a big blessing. It is a wonderful treat for our little family and one that we will surely treasure and feel grateful for.

How about you? Is there a prayer that you’ve been waiting for God to answer? I encourage you to take heart and be expectant of the fulfillment of His good promises in your life. I pray that you will also have the grace to wait patiently and be able to discern God’s answer clearly.

Have faith!


15 thoughts on “Praying Incessantly

  1. God answered so many of my prayers already. Like you, some took years, while there are others that were answered right away. Now, my only prayer is for Him to heal us. We’ve got a virus going around the house and I just want the illness to leave most especially for my children.

  2. Everything is according to God’s will. That’s what I believe. I have wishes and dreams, but I know only God will fulfill them in His own time. It’s great that you and your family are going to watch it. I hope I could watch a Disney show with my kids one day.

    1. Hi Ceemee :) Amen to that! God is preparing something better for you and your kids. Disneyland, perhaps? :)

  3. That’s wonderful to hear about your answered prayers. God truly has His own time for everything. :)
    Personally, there’s this thing I’ve been praying to Him but still isn’t granted. But funny thing is, I’m actually happy about it not being granted yet. Ironic, I know. Haha 😉

    1. Hi Rose! I sometimes feel that way haha. It could be contentment or grace that God has given us so that we can fully appreciate and be grateful for when our prayers our finally answered :)

  4. I can’t remember the last time I prayed for something. I’m just happy that we are continuously blessed and my kids are in their best state. I just pray that it will remain that way, especially for my kids :)

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