Finally! We’ve got our new TV mounted on our bedroom wall :)


The guys from Asercon, third-party supplier of Abensons for installations, came over to have our TV fixed on the wall. These guys were very efficient. They were able to mount our wide screen in less than 30 minutes and they left no dust or mess of any kind after. This was because they put a plastic bag at the bottom of every hole. As they drill, the dust fell into the bag.

When they were finished with the TV, my hubby asked them if they could also mount our wedding photo. Glad they agreed.


Hubby was so happy that he asked me to hurry with their merienda. I was so thankful that our TV and wedding frame were now off the floor. I made sure that the boys would eat before they leave. In case you’re wondering, I keep on referring to them as boys because they were younger than what I expected. They looked like they’re in their early twenties.

Card Giving Day

My Mom asked me to accompany her to my eldest nephew’s school to get his grades for the first quarter. I don’t usually tag along on card giving days because I find it boring. I’d rather spend my time doing something else. But, this time it’s different. I was compelled to go and talk to his teachers because I was bothered by his tales of bullying and teachers who don’t seem to care.

This morning, I went to school with my parents and my kumare whose kids are studying in the same school. Mom and I waited in line so we could get my nephew’s grades from his class adviser. This is the best time for parents to talk to teachers about their children’s progress and behavior in school. This is why some conversations took longer than usual. Ours is no exception as we several concerns that we would want to be addressed. When our turn came, Mom introduced me to the adviser then she proceeded to talk to her about my nephew. The teacher was very calm and accomodating. She acknowledged our concerns and offered explanations and solutions. When Mom was about to cry as she tell the teacher about my nephew, I began to bring up the topic of bullying. I reminded her about the effects that it would have on kids and adulthood. I suggested that if that particular kid has been bullying most of the kids in class, he should either be transferred to another section or just get homeschooled. He is already destructive and anti-social. The teacher beside the adviser told us that they will escalate the issue to the guidance office. I felt relieved. We thanked the teachers for their time.

I then moved on to another teacher to talk about making fun of the low scores of students. It was a good thing that the school coordinator was just beside him. I introduced myself to him and called his attention to what he did to my nephew and his classmate a few days ago. He said that it was not his intention to ridicule the students. He wanted to motivate them. I told him that being an Education graduate, he should be aware that making fun of kids in front of the class could affect their self-esteem negatively. He agreed. I then reminded him not to do it again. I also told him that we are not fond of confrontations such as that. I explained that repetitive stories of my nephew, who was not keen on bringing his parents or guardians every time that something bad happens in school, bothered and prompted us to take action. I had peace of mind when I left the table. I thanked the teacher and coordinator.

I pray that all school problems such as those will be settled once and for all.

The Great Transition

The big move took time to take place. With transition comes decisions, preparations and actions. I call it the Great Transition not only because I have moved from a free blogging platform to a paid domain. It’s also because I have decided to commit to something that will become part of my identity.

You see, this site bears my new name, an indication of a change of status. I decided to retain my father’s last name and hyphenate it with that of my husband’s. It is part of my identity before I got married and I hope to carry it forever. 

My former blog has posts made on an irregular basis. With this new site, I pray to chronicle my thoughts, views, experiences and passions on things big and small daily. I used to write for an audience of three, which includes myself already. Now, I will write for more people, specifically for my unborn baby.