I’m in a zombie-like state today and I don’t feel like talking to people except through SMS and Gtalk, which allow for delay in sending replies. I am still tired from doing the preparations and hosting my Dad’s surprise and intimate party (and cleaning up afterwards). He turned 65 yesterday and so I asked the rest of the family to give him a mini-celebration. And so for weeks, we planned for the event through Facebook. But, my Dad, who is so keen of sniffing surprise parties, already knew what’s going to happen when he and Mom and my nephew came to our house. My sister-in-law was a bit disappointed. Ang hirap mo naman i-surprise, Dad!

Dad might not be surprised at all but we are all glad that he liked what we had for him. It was a simple gathering of family members where we shared good food, plenty of laughter and friendly banter. We gave Dad a framed picture of our family and the kids created birthday cards for their Lolo.
We also had a special number (speacial because we haven’t and never thought that we could do that) where we sang Hey Jude. My husband played the organ while my youngest brother joined him with the guitar. My sister, a close family friend and I sang with them. We chose that song because Dad is a Beatles fan and my hubby fancied playing that song on a piano.

The night ended well and and I can tell that everyone went home tired but happy with our pre-weekend gathering.