My Happy Place Called Starbucks

Starbucks is a happy place for me and my toddler. For me, it’s more than a coffee joint. It is where I get to enjoy my favorite Chocolate Chip Cream Frappuccino and at the same time, breastfeed my two-year-old conveniently. He would eventually fall asleep with the buzzing sound (of voices) of baristas and other guests as his lullaby. Having breastfed my son in public for a couple of years already, Starbucks is the only establishment that has made feel very welcome and comfortable.

Our little boy patiently waits for Mommy to get her caffeine fix.
Our little boy patiently waits for Mommy to get her caffeine fix.

One time, I visited the China Bank Paseo branch with a slightly heavy bag on one arm and an active toddler on another. I was glad to have found a spot near the counter that will make it easier for me to watch over my stuff while placing my order and carrying my little boy. After I have paid for our breakfast, a smiling barista quickly emerged from the counter and came to my side to help me bring the tray to our table. The manager also followed and gently asked me if I still need anything. I then asked for a mug of cold water which they promptly provided. We even had a little chat about my baby. These things may mean nothing to other people but these are things that moms like me appreciate greatly. I’ve been to other dining establishments before but only the people at Starbucks were able to give legendary customer service to their guests. That is how this coffee shop became my happy place.

15 thoughts on “My Happy Place Called Starbucks

  1. Moms do appreciate little things from strangers when it comes to their kiddos. They won’t even know how happy we are with those small gestures. Good thing you found your comfy place with your little one. Ours is at Teriyaki Boy in Megamall and Chili’s as well, their greetings and service are very satisfying, oh well, great!

    1. So true, Chai! I also appreciate people who are very considerate with toddlers especially on days when my little one gets fussy in public. Let’s hope that there will be more kid-friendly restaurants to abound :)

  2. not every establishments or companies know, but it’s that extra service, it’s that personalized service that really matters the most, so it’s really nice to know that Starbucks provides that quality service!

  3. Hello Arge! I super agree. I love Starbucks too. Pre-baby, it’s my happy, blogging place. As in weekends are spent in the nearby Starbucks to blog. They say, it’s overpriced coffee. But really, you pay for the service and the experience.

    1. Hello Aubrey! I agree. You get what you pay for but they do it with sincerity. That’s how I feel when I go there.

  4. Customer service is always a make-or-break for me. Even if the place serves good food or is popular, I won’t return if customer service is bad. I’m glad Starbucks treats their customers well!

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