Louiji’s Advent Calendar Year 2

To make it a yearly Christmas tradition, I have made and set up an Advent calendar again for Louiji. At first, I have thought of using Louiji’s first Advent calendar again but decided against it because I think that it would be better if I make a new one for our little tot this year. It turns out that I made the right choice. I was able to finish and set it up faster than I did last year. I have put up the calendar on our bedroom wall where Louiji can always see it but won’t reach it without me or his Daddy.


Sorry for this blurry photo. It is the only copy I have of the whole Advent Calendar.


Here are the materials that I have used and a quick how-to:

Materials and Tools Needed:

  • a set of wrapping paper
  • baker’s twine
  • colored paper
  • alphanumeric stamp set
  • stamp pad
  • scotch tape, white glue
  • scissors
  • puncher
  • push pins
  • goodies for each bag
Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar up close

 Easy Peasy Steps:

  1. Fold a piece of wrapping paper in the desired size of the bag. Use scotch tape to seal the bottom and side. Leave the top part open. Make 25 of this.
  2. Cut the colored paper in smaller circles. I used yellow paper for this color pops out from the designs of the wrapping papers. I made 25 of this as well.
  3. Paste a piece of yellow circle on each of the bags.
  4. Stamp each yellow paper with a number.
  5. On top of each bag, punch two holes on the back side where you can insert the baker’s twine.
  6. Measure the portion of the wall where you will hang the Advent calendar. As seen in the first photo, I made two rows.
  7. Tack a push pin on each end of the rows. Tie the twine on one end of the first row and secure it in place.
  8. Carefully thread the baker’s twine on the paper bags.
  9. Repeat steps #7 and 8 for the second row.
  10. Stuff each bag with goodies that you think your child will enjoy. I put stickers, jelly ace, gummy candies, chocolates, pipe cleaners shaped like worms, crayons, DIY shape cut-outs and t-shirts. I put the bigger and special treats on the 14th (his monthsary), 23rd, 24th and 25th bags. The idea is to build his excitement as he opens each bag and the days get closer to Christmas day 🙂

Goodies that my little one love

Happy to have made a new Advent calendar for my sweet little boy 🙂