Our darling Louiji turned 2 last January 14! We had a mini-party here at home with his grandparents and his cousins (my side of the family). More about this house party on a separate post.

Louiji at 2

As always, I have documented my son’s milestones and antics 🙂 Here are reasons to celebrate the days leading to his 24th month:

  • Louiji was babbling and making upward gestures. Daddy said that he was doing a praise and worship just like what we do in church.
  • Uh oh! He now knows how to unplug the fan from the socket! I have tried to cover the socket with plastic cover and duct tape but his little hands were so strong that he was able to remove it.
  • He has just finished having his milkmilk and decided that instead of going back to sleep, he will get up and play. Though it’s a bit dark, he stood up on the bed and looked around. I used the light from my phone to serve as his light. He saw a shadow on the wall so he babbled and gestured with his hands to tell his Dad, who was just beside him, that they do the shadow show.
  • He was having milkmilk for bedtime and I was humming a lullaby. He babbled and took my hand to tell me that he wants me to pat his thigh so he can sleep.
  • Our little one said “car” when he was showing Dad his toy car.
  • Louiji is getting good at sorting. He took all his train stickers and stuck them together on the door. He did the same thing with the traffic light stickees.
  • Louiji was able to follow the instructions on Barney May I.
  • We were doing a videoke at home when Louiji got hold of the mic. He was babbling while looking at the screen as if he is singing 🙂 He kept doing it for almost half an hour.
  • We were settling in for the night when Louiji caught sight of the iPad lying on my desk beside our bed. He was reaching for it but I said, “Tomorrow na lang baby. Bedtime na e. ” He did not object and sat back on the bed. What a good and obedient boy! 🙂
  • We were saying our bedtime prayers and Louiji kept his hands together til the prayer ends.
  • Louiji was taking out his stuffed toys out of the big box one at a time. As he does it, I tossed the toys back. After a while, he noticed what I was doing so he took all three toys at the same time and moaned 😀
  • Our little one enjoys eating fruit salad and embutido and it was the first time he had a taste of these.
  • Louiji was able to identify the fireman in his set of Mega Blocks after teaching him about it for 4 consecutive repetitions.
  • Louiji used to rub the roll-on analgesic on his armpit because he would see us do it with our deo. Now, whenever he sees it, he would take it and rub it on my back. I hope that he will soon learn how to massage my back 🙂
  • Our little explorer was being creative when he took the broken strap of his diaper bag, draped it over his shoulder and was putting it together as if he is tying a sash.
  • Louiji just discovered how to do a frog hop. He just love to do this during the night when the floor gets a bit cold.
  • Louiji knew that the cover hanging on top of the microwave oven is meant for that appliance because he pulled it and was trying to cover the oven.
  • While I was mixing the ingredients of the macaroni salad, Louiji would come up to me to see what I was doing. I tried to give him a cashew nut and he liked it that he came back for more. Same thing with the cheese, potato and macaroni.
  • Louiji started eating grapes and ponkan! But would spit the skin.
  • Louiji loves dancing to the song “The Ants Go Marching.” He eapecially likes the last part and would act it out by bending his knees and springing up.
  • Louiji strummed on his side after pointing at the picture of a guitar on his toy.
  • Louiji saw a candle at Vikings and started clapping, which is actually a prompt for me to sing Happy Birthday. I did as requested. After that, Louiji tried to blow the candle.
  • Louiji dragged my lumbar pillow from our bed and rode on it. He likes riding on everything these days.
  • Most of the time, Louiji would look away when he knows that his photo is being taken. But, if he is going to be with Mommy or Daddy, he would tilt his head towards either of us. It has now become his favorite pose 🙂
  • Louiji can remove his own socks.
  • When I asked him to share the ball with another toddler in church, our boy gladly did so.
  • Louiji now plays peek-a-boo using both hands.
  • Louiji  did something amusing by bading bye-bye to Granny with his hand behind him, head bowed down while smiling. Silly baby!
  • After seeing my sister holding a cup, Louiji ate binatog for the first time.
  • After lots of practice, Louiji was finally able to pull the pieces of his Mega Blocks apart.
  • Learning from his Dad, Louiji knew how to use his Daddy’s phone to search Youtube for his favorite toy demo videos.
  • At night, whenever Louiji would hear a pedicab pass by, he would knock on the table or door and say, “Dada.” It’s as if he’s expecting that his Dad would get off the ped and knock on our gate.
  • Whenever Louiji would see a photo of a bee, he would point at it and buzz.
  • Louiji saw a younger baby when we entered the nursing station at Rustan’s. He waved at the baby to say hello. He is becoming more sociable 🙂
  • I was looking at my FB feed when I scrolled on a photo posted by my sister. Louiji quickly pointed at his Lolo in the group photo and pointed at my sister’s tiny profile image.
  • The little explorer was rummaging through his grooming box and got a hold of his moisturizer. He began squeezing it the way I would. He would pretend to get some and slather on his neck.
  • The little one saw a scrap of crepe paper on the floor and started tearing it to pieces. He placed them on the mat and started blowing a piece until it moves forward.
  • Louiji took off his long sleeve shirt on his own without any difficulty.
  • Louiji ate two small servings of tuna sandwich for merienda. First time!
  • Our little boy can now put back the screws of the wheels of his rocking horse.
  • We are proud to have been breastfeeding up to this time! Hooray! My husband has been persuading me to wean our baby from the breast. I am having mixed feelings about it which makes me reluctant to go through the process. Well, everything in it’s proper time 😉

We’re believing for more milestones for our little one. We are truly blessed to have an adorable and healthy boy. We love you sooo much, Sweetie Pie!!!