Our dear little Louiji turned 22 months last November 14 (and yes, this is a late post). As my monthly ritual, I have compiled my record of his milestones and some amusing anecdotes. I have noticed a progress on his motor skills, his craving for independence, expressing himself and developing social skills. Also, there is a significant decrease for the need for timeouts. 🙂


  • Louiji loves sharing his food with Daddy and Mommy. He would use his fingers to pick a piece from his bowl and offer it to any of us.
  • Proud Mommy Moment: Louiji was looking for a book in his pile one morning. He took out all of the books from the box until he found the one that he likes. I then watched him as he returned all his books one by one.
  • Louiji eats a hotdog on a fork on his own. He did the same with longganisa. Don’t worry, I don’t always feed my tot with preservatives-laden food all the time 😉
  • My little one said “Mama” and was reaching out for me while he was crying during one of his timeouts. He has been saying Mama more often especially when he wants to have milkmilk 🙂
  • Whenever baby sees a picture of people eating, he would put his hands together as he would when we tell him to pray before meals.
  • To pacify him during a long ride, I once taught Louiji how to drive a car. I held his arms in front of him, made his fists close and move as if he’s steering the wheel. Now, whenever we are riding on our car, he would see a picture of a car, or we are out on the streets with plenty of vehicles, he would stretch out his hands as if he is really steering the wheel 🙂
  • While Mommy was busy in the kitchen, baby opened the ref, found the leftover bread, took it with him in the carpet and ate it.
  • Louiji took the remaining piece of One One and the plastic pack fell from his hands. He picked it up, put the One One back carefully and ate from the pack.
  • He took his Blankie book. Turned on the peek a boo page and did as shown. He then took my hands so I would do the same. Then on the page where the child does a super blankie, Louiji squealed as if to shout “Super Blankie!” and gave a big smile.
  • My tot took his Gingerbread Man book then on the page where it says, “They gave him currants for his eyes, a cherry nose, an orange mouth, and raisins for buttons, ” he would point at his own eyes, nose, mouth and a button on his shirt.
  • He would take out his book I Like It When and he would imitate the illustrations on every page. He would take my hand, hug me, dance, do a peek-a-boo, and kiss me to say “I love you” as shown in the book.
  • Though it took a while before he did it, with perseverance, Louiji was able to climb on the chair next to my desk. He had a hard time at first because he was trying out different positions and was even asking Mommy to pull him up. I let him do it on his own for my baby to build on his perseverance and enhance his problem solving skills. I’m so glad that he succeeded!
  • Louiji would stretch out his right hand and move it to show a flying plane.
  • Our little one learned how to get on and off the bike.
  • Louiji had a grand time at his first Trick or Treat! (More on this on a separate post!) He walked around and played with the little games stationed on the corners of the office. He didn’t cry when his Dad’s officemates asked him to kiss their hand, give a high five and a peck on their cheeks. He even danced on one of the floors!
  • Louiji was watching an episode of Barney about counting. When the children on the show were counting with their fingers, he stretched out his hands and moved his fingers and made an uhmm sound as if he is counting.
  • Louiji now sits, squats, and sometimes do a forward bend when he is going poopsie. I think he’s ready to be potty trained!
  • While having dinner, Daddy was counting with his fingers and Louiji stares and smiles and makes an uhmm sound for every number as if he is saying the numbers.
  • Louiji now likes eating in his own. While I was getting his face towel, he grabbed his bowl of baked zitti and ate on his own using a spoon. At snacktime, Louiji took the fork from me and used it to eat his pancake.
  • After drinking from his sippy cup, he placed it on the right section in his food tray.
  • Baby was able to climb on our bed, which is a bit high than a standard one, on his own!!!!
  • Louiji knows how to hold an open tumbler properly and drinks from it. Though he needs to practice controlling the tilt.
  • Louiji would shake his hand horizontally to denote “no more.”
  • Louiji now enjoys running at an increasing speed. And it makes my heart race big time, especially when we’re out.
  • Louiji was running and fell on his knees but he got up right away and dust off his knees and hands. What a brave boy! 🙂
  • Louiji discovered the wonders of using a flashlight. He’s been holding and swaying it and gets fascinated at where it shines light.
  • I was holding a flashcard and told louiji that it’s a toothbrush. He then gestured with a finger pointing towards his mouth as if brushing his teeth.
  • Louiji rode his toy horse on his own.
  • Louiji was upset with his older cousins about something so he was raising his right arm and kept pointing with his finger at them. My tot is beginning to express himself when he is angry. Whenever this happens, gently explain to him what had happened to pacify him.
  • We are gradually starting on our homeschool program where we are studying about shapes. Louiji has just finished learning about circles where he colored, traced and made an artwork (with my assistance) about this shape.
  • He used to cry at the sight of my two younger brothers. Though he still wouldn’t let them pick him up without Mommy, he would now kiss their hand, give a high five and sometimes a peck on the cheek.

Excited for more developments and special moments with our little one in the coming days! 🙂 Thank you LORD!