It’s a special day today! Louiji just turned 21 months old today! I have recorded a lot of new things pertaining to his growth and development. I have noted some funny and amusing observations, too. The one thing that stands out, which his Dad and I both noticed is that Louiji is beginning to express his independence that sometimes lead to tantrums. That is when we began to impose timeouts.

Louiji at 21 Months

Here are moments that made me smile, feel very happy and so proud of our little one:

  • Louiji can now eat a banana properly with minimal supervision! He holds it properly. I would peel the banana half way and hand it to him. He would take a bite then give the fruit back to me. After he has finished munching, he would then take the banana from me and take another bite. We would repeat this routine.
  • Louiji finished a bowl of lomi, making me The Happiest Cook in the World! It was my first time to cook that dish and didn’t follow a recipe. I just prepared it and hoped that it will taste like my Mom’s lomi. That’s how adventurous I am in my kitchen! I was so glad that time that I did not fail to satisfy the palate of our picky eater.
  • Louiji helped Mommy clean the center table! He saw me wiping the surface and when I paused to pick up something, he took the wash cloth and wiped the table as I did. Yesterday, he did the same thing when he saw me cleaning his mat. I’m happy to have a Little Helper 🙂
  • Since we got back from our vacation trip in Japan, Louiji has become so fond of his two Mickey Mouse dolls. He would hug and bite on their noses and would tell Mommy to hug them, too. Last week while we were eating lunch, he took my hand and pointed at the direction of one of the Mickey dolls. He wanted me to pick that up and give it to him. When I did, he pushed the doll near our plate and spoon that I was using to feed him. He wanted me to offer a spoonful to Mickey before I feed him again. Silly little one!
  • While Louiji was watching an episode of Barney where the kids were singing about the benefits of eating healthy foods, our baby pointed at his teeth and skin at the same time the kids did. At this time, he can identify his eyes and hair without fail. We are working on the rest of the body parts and I know that one of these days, he will be able to point at the correct part right away.
  • Baby loves playing with marbles, those that belong to his older cousins. Glad that my niece let us borrowed their collection of marbles. Our little man would empty the bucket then he will put back the marbles one by one. He would do that repeatedly. My husband has read somewhere that kids his age are fond of that kind of game.
  • Recently, Louiji asked me to put on the Avengers bucket on his head and then he played around the house with that thing on his head. I think he liked it the first time I did that to him and called him a soldier.
  • Whenever Louiji would see his Enfapro activity book, he would bring it to me and turn it on the page where Move Your Body is on. He will then clap his hands and ask me to sing that song and do the actions as indicated.
  • Louiji enjoys sitting on his car seat again not inside the car but in our living room 🙂 He uses it as a rocking chair while watching TV. He would sit on it and stand up right away to make the seat bounce a little.  But, I don’t let him do it when I or his Dad is not beside him.
  • Louiji now knows how to clean up. Once, he picked up his toys and put them back inside the box. I just hope that he does it each time I tell him to do so.
  • Louiji wants to eat on his own using his fingers. It’s a sign of independence and in a way an exercise of control of which and how much food he would take in at each meal.
  • Whenever he wants me to do something for him, he would take my hand and nudge me toward an object. The same goes for whenever he wants me to accompany him somewhere. Whenever he wants to play basketball with Mommy, he would get his ball and come to me, take my hand and lead me to where his Little Tikes is.
  • Louiji knows that socks are meant for the feet and that a cap is for the head. When he sees his own pair of socks, he would take them and place them on top of his feet. He would also take his cap or beanie and put it on his head.
  • Brushing his teeth is still a battle. Louiji just wouldn’t let Mommy or Daddy brush his little teeth and his tiny tongue. But, he already knows that the toothbrush is meant for the mouth. One time, we let him hold it and then he imitated how we did it by dipping the brush on his tumbler of water and putting it on his mouth. He was not able to do that properly but it’s a start. We are using a fluoride-free tooth gel that was prescribed by his pedia.
  • We bought Louiji a pair of slippers that he can wear at home. I’m so glad that he likes wearing it. His little feet are still getting used to his new footwear and he would walk carefully so as not to let them slip out. When they do, our little boy would come to me and ask me to put them back on.
  • He’s got a new tooth. A new one has just sprang up on the lower right corner of his gums.
  • Each time he asks me to read him the story of Little Red Riding Hood and we would get to the part where the wolf, dressed in Granny’s clothes, would snarl at the girl, Louiji would imitate the growling sound that I make for the beast. As soon as we get to the last part of the story where Red’s father arrived and made the wolf go away, he would pull me and hug me.

These are all the milestones and moments that I have recorded in my phone and those that I have remembered. I pray that there will be more in the months to come 🙂

May the Lord bless and protect you all the days of your life, Louiji!