If Books Were Money, My Son Would Be Rich By Now

Here’s a post that I have drafted on paper a couple of months ago. Finally, I was able to publish it on the blog today!

We started reading to our son when he was still in my womb – from tiny board books given to his Dad as part of their office Kris Kringle to the downloaded nursery rhymes and story books on our iPad. Those tiny board books are still with us today and my son would still read them on his own, that is, pointing to pictures and identifying objects that he knows and mimicking the tone that I use during our read aloud sessions. He would be blabbing on some parts of the story.

His Dad, who commutes to and from work daily, would occasionally drop by BookSale, the bookstore adjacent to the bus terminal and would buy books that he knows our little boy would love. It was a good thing that the shop has a wide selection of books that they sell on bargain. My husband would usually buy three books from that store each month. But one time, he splurged on four books to cultivate our son’s growing love for reading and it was such a blessing that all of them were from our little one’s favorite series namely Curious George and Dr. Seuss.

Book Haul

When we began having weekly mother-and-son dates at the neighborhood mall, a trip to National Bookstore and BookSale is a must for my child. We would linger close to an hour at his favorite Children’s Books section as he would scan the pages of the books that piqued his interest. He loves books that involved animals and keeps going back to read them. Whenever I would notice that he likes a particular book, I would offer to buy it for him so we could enjoy it at home. He would decline most of the time. I’m so blessed to have a son who gets contented with browsing and window shopping :) At times when we would chance upon a book that he really liked or finally found an elusive title, I would purchase it right away and take him to Country Style where we would read our recent find while having doughnuts and coffee (for me).

My Little Reader
My Little Reader

At home on most mornings, he prefers having milk in bed and asks me to read a couple of books to him before we go downstairs for his breakfast. Recently, I adapted a fill-in-the-blanks strategy in where I would either let him finish a sentence or identify an object in the story. This makes our sessions more interactive and very lively. Doing this also encouraged him to read books on his own, even though he can’t read everything written in the pages yet. He would read before bedtime while waiting for Mommy and Daddy to finish the chores downstairs. When we’re all settled in bed, he would request that we read at least three books to him, which includes his activity books and his favorite dinosaur books, before finally going to sleep. He would also read Ate and Kuya’s old books at Granny’s after playing with the stuff inside their toy box. He would gladly peruse on his new book while we are waiting for our turn at the grocery’s check out counter, to pass the time at the doctor’s clinic and extended his patience as he waited for his parents’ passports to be renewed.

I’ve been praying that my son will carry on with the habit of reading books as he grows up and have children and grandchildren of his own and ultimately, pass on the habit to them. There’s so much that we can learn from reading. My husband and I have been discovering a lot from the books that we buy for our son. I never imagined that I could memorize a ton of dinosaur names just because my boy is so fascinated in them!

I have decluttered a few weeks ago and finally let go of my boy’s first batch of books. We have passed them on to his younger cousins hoping that they will also get hooked on reading. We still have plenty in the bookcase upstairs and in the shelf downstairs. We will be getting new ones, anyway. If books were money, my son would be rich by now.


46 thoughts on “If Books Were Money, My Son Would Be Rich By Now

  1. I’m a bookworm and has been collecting books since college. So yeah, if books are money, I’d be rich now. And if I was given a peso for each book I read, mayaman na nga ako. Hahahaha! Pero I believe iba ang yaman ng bookworms eh. The knowledge, the endless possibilities. Feeling ko ang dami kongala, simply because I read all about them. Ang saya magpalaki ng bookworm. Sana si Kakay ko di .

    1. O nga Sis kita ko nga book reviews sa blog mo :) Bilhan mo rin si Kakay ng books sa Book Sale. Back when he was a toddler, my son used to tear up the pages of his (paper) books simply because he loved the sound it makes. Phase lang naman pala yun. Later on, he learned to take care of his books.

  2. I may perhaps say the same thing. We got so many books and we keep on extending our bookshelf to accommodate new ones. Reading can be so addicting. The entertainment and lessons we got from those pages are beyond anyone’s riches I guess. Keep reading, little one.

    1. Yes Berlin, reading can be so addicting! I’m doing my best to read more (physical) books just so I can encourage my son to read all the more. I’ve been reading on the web and on my phone lately e. I need to be a good model for my son. Monkey see, monkey do :)

  3. Great that your son love books! And yey, I love Booksale, too! That’s where I mostly buy my little girl’s books as well! And same as your son, she likes books that has animals on it, too! 😉

    1. My eyes light up when I see Book Sale hehe. Ang sarap magbrowse ng books noh? I just hope that they will also have seats for customers :)
      It’s a good thing that your daughter loves animals, too. They sure learn a lot through them :)

  4. I salute you, Mommy Arge, for exposing your son to reading books rather than gadgets like iPad or tablet. The kids nowadays are almost always face-to-face with their gadgets, you can’t even talk to them or they get irritated if they think you’re disturbing them. Haha! I’d like to to do the same for my son because I love reading books, too. Though I barely have time for it, but still, it is something that I want my son to be also interested into. Reading books to your son not only promotes good reading habits but also establishes a good relationship for the both of you because you get to communicate with him a little more than the usual.

    1. Thank you, Mitch! My son still watches movies and his favorite tv shows on my laptop and plays on the iPad on some occasions. We just limit the time when he can use those.

  5. I used to buy a lot of books when my son was still a baby up to preschool years but things changed, he’s not interested anymore but I still persuade him to read books every night. (story books)

    1. Hello Michi :) I encourage you to read with him. Let him pick a book that he likes and then read it together. That’s what I do with my son. Hope it will also work for yours, too :)

  6. I admire kids who loves reading. These days na puro gadgets nlng ang inaatupag ng iba, its always good to see parents who invest books for their child. In our family my husband is the reader.. And i used to buy books, but i dont usually finish reading them.. Hahaha! I really wish i can have the luxury of time to read more and read for my kids.. Though they love reading once in a while too…

    1. Hello Betcha :) You may also want to read together as a family. It would be a great bonding activity and would encourage everyone to read.

    1. O nga Juvy e. That’s why we need to make extra effort in sharing the joy of reading to kids. That way, their entertainment and learning will not be limited to electronics. Also, I am annoyed (and concerned) when kids ask if there’s wifi. It seems that internet has replaced the love for exploration and being curious with their environment. Don’t you think?

  7. Congratulations on raising a reader! My daughter loves books too! She loves to read (or creating her own stories based on what she sees in the picture) and being read too. Yay for the kids who are book lovers! :)

    1. Thanks Joy! I also admire you for passing on the joys of reading to your daughter. The knowledge and entertainment that we get from books are priceless. Praying that there will be more kids who will enjoy reading up until they are adults.

    1. Hi Teresa! I’d love to go to MIBF. I’ve been seeing posts of our fellow bloggers who scored great finds at the fair. I’d ask my hubby about it :)

  8. My sentiments exactly! My son’s books have already filled a couple of bookcases at home because every time I pass by a Book Sale branch, I must get 2-4 books. Hope our sons would grow up to be genuine book lovers!

    1. Hi Maan! Yes, I’m praying that our kids will continue to enjoy reading in their adulthood and pass it on to their own kids :)

  9. Our bookshelf is also spilling already so I’ve stopped buying books for the moment. Bookstores are my special place in the mall also. When I go out with the kids, I make sure to bring them there too. We’re all rich, having a different kind of wealth because of our love for books. 😀

  10. I think it’s wonderful that you have honed your child from the very start to be hooked on books. We also try to have our little one to read a lot of books. Bedtime stories are part of our daily routine! Yay for books!

  11. I love taking my kids to Fully Booked where I watch them pore over the books. It really does help to expose them to lots of books. I wish that we have a decent library for kids, though, instead of us taking our kids to sort through the books at the bookstores.

    1. Hello May! My son also loves checking out books at Fully Booked in the same way he does on other bookstores. Feeling niya nasa library talaga siya :) I’d love to take him to a legit library (hopefully it’s not musty hehe :) ) so we could hang out there longer than an hour and read more books.

  12. Kudos to raising a reader mommy! My love for books is also one thing that I wish to pass to my daughters. Suking suki na ako ng Booksale. Though I need to teach them how to take good care of their books talaga. Any tip?

    1. Hi Kati! Ang yaman na ng BookSale dahil sa atin :)

      How old are your daughters? When my son was younger, he would delight on hearing the sound of paper tearing up. Sensory stimulation, I guess? I kept telling him that we need to take care of his books and I would show him how to mend it with tape, sometimes with washi tape. He would help with the mending sometimes. From then, I have seen his effort to turn the pages as carefully as he can. Whenever he would accidentally ripped a page, he would say “Oh oh Mommy!” Then we would mend it together. :)

  13. My kids love books over toys :)) Since I discovered Chapters and Pages, my kids and I always buy a new one :)) I had to keep some of their books narin to give way to new ones :)

  14. My son is 20 months old and he prefers watching videos like Baby Einsteins. Though I always make sure that we read one book per day and to play outside to balance his skills development. I wish my son grow with the love of books like your son. :)

  15. This is the one thing that I am still in progress of teaching to my kids. They are active two boys who are never fond of reading. I tried reading some books to them since they were young with our super old disney books but to no avail they will just play with it or worse will tear it apart. But I am not losing hope, until now I still try to read books to them hoping that one day they’ll get interested. Because books really can make you rich with all the knowledge that you can get.

    1. That’s right, Neri Ann! Ask them which book they want you to read to them. Keep on reading to them even if they don’t look interested. If you do it on a regular basis, they will soon get interested in reading. You’ll be surprise one day when they would get a book and ask you to read it to them :)

    1. Thank you, Mommy Angel! Let’s encourage more parents to be readers and share that love to their young ones :)

  16. It’s so nice to see mommies encouraging their son/children to read books. Technology has been completely replacing our resources in this generation and you’ll see a lot of kids stick their eyes on phone, tablet or laptop. I am also encouraging my son to love books and read more too. Even we have good technologies, nothing can replace books where our imagination is the limit.

    1. You’re right, Lady Anne! We must encourage our kids to read physical books even if we have e-books or audio books :)

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