Happy 23rd Month My Dear Louiji!!!

Our darling Louiji is 23 months old today!!! He will be two years old very soon and we are happily anticipating more growth and development milestones for him.

I am more than happy and excited to have witnessed and noted his progress from the previous weeks. Here’s my list:

  • Louiji was playing with the iPad and he was able to group the same animals together.
  • He is able to identify his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tummy, hair and hands immediately and correctly.
  • Louiji is fascinated more than ever on his shape-o-toy. He is now familiar with more shapes and works better, meaning he is patient in finding the right hole for the shape, when we just observe and allow him to work on his own.
  • Louiji is making a steady progress on the shape sorter app on the iPad that includes the circle, square, triangle and pentagon. He was also able to do it according to size.
  • Louiji now climbs the stairs faster.
  • He has discovered a new way of riding his Happy Horse. He would get into it, stand up and drag it as he walks. One time, he got more adventurous by hoisting himself up as it rocks.
  • Louiji disassembled his cousin’s beaded bracelet then sorted the wooden beads according to color.
  • While going through his cousin’s toys, Louiji separated the pink and girly toys from the gender neutral ones.
  • Louiji used to get frustrated whenever he wants to use the animals app because he doesn’t know how to begin. Now, he always remembers to tap on the yellow Start button so he can begin playing with the app.
  • Louiji likes riding. He once rode on the football section of his Little Gym as if he’s riding on a horse. He also dumped the entire contents of his toy box, stepped inside and pretended that he is driving a car.
  • Louiji picked up all the cars and put them back on top of the box drum.
  • Louiji knows which part of the book we are reading. He will take the book from my hand, fold it to where the text is, then give it back to me.
  • Louiji removed his pajama without Mommy’s help.
  • Louiji is sweeter than ever. Whenever he sees Mommy crouching to pick up his toys, he would get behind me and hug me tight.
  • Louiji has become so active that he loves playing rough, climbing over Mommy and Daddy and bouncing on our tummies.
  • Before, he finds it hard to wait and would like to have something he wants before he does something that Mommy tells him to do. Now, he would do as Mommy says even before I give him what he wants.
  • Whenever he wants to eat or play with something that he doesn’t see often (junk food, chocolates, his older cousins’ toys), he would put his hands together as if to say “Please!”
  • Louiji is gaining more control over his hand and arm muscles as he now holds crayons and pens using the Palmar grasp.
  • Reads from the app Three Little Pigs by making sounds. He would shake his head on the part where the pug says “No! Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin.” He would also point a finger on pages where the big bad wolf would huff and puff.
  • He loves to do head stand, hand stand then he would roll over.
  • Our little tot was able to point correctly at the apple, ball car, ice cream, egg, socks, toothbrush and parrot from the flashcards posted on the door.
  • Louiji enjoyed playing with his sensory box which contains rice, shovel, plastic cups, spoon and candy sprinkles. I would put him inside our inflatable pool so the mess would be contained in one area. This plan didn’t work because after playing, my little boy would step out of the pool and turn it over!
  • While using the picture book app, Louiji took Snoopy and showed the toy that there is another dog in the picture.
  • Louiji took the paper clips from the sticky board one by one and put them together on one side of the bed. He is getting used to sorting things!
  • Louiji obeyed Mommy when he pushed the Home and Power buttons of the iPad. He would also do the same for our iPhones.
  • Louiji’s fine motor skills are improving. He was able to finish the task of picking up 10 ducks at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse app. Thanks to our sensory play activities!
  • Louiji made a barking sound when he saw a canine dog at the bazaar and when he saw one while watching Despicable Me 2. He now makes the same sound whenever he sees a dog.
  • Louiji says either Jaja or Jeje while pointing at Jollibee.
  • We are proud to be (still) breastfeeding at 23 months 🙂 Hooray for this wonderful blessing!