Happy 23rd Month My Dear Louiji!!!

Our darling Louiji is 23 months old today!!! He will be two years old very soon and we are happily anticipating more growth and development milestones for him.

I am more than happy and excited to have witnessed and noted his progress from the previous weeks. Here’s my list:

  • Louiji was playing with the iPad and he was able to group the same animals together.
  • He is able to identify his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tummy, hair and hands immediately and correctly.
  • Louiji is fascinated more than ever on his shape-o-toy. He is now familiar with more shapes and works better, meaning he is patient in finding the right hole for the shape, when we just observe and allow him to work on his own.
  • Louiji is making a steady progress on the shape sorter app on the iPad that includes the circle, square, triangle and pentagon. He was also able to do it according to size.
  • Louiji now climbs the stairs faster.
  • He has discovered a new way of riding his Happy Horse. He would get into it, stand up and drag it as he walks. One time, he got more adventurous by hoisting himself up as it rocks.
  • Louiji disassembled his cousin’s beaded bracelet then sorted the wooden beads according to color.
  • While going through his cousin’s toys, Louiji separated the pink and girly toys from the gender neutral ones.
  • Louiji used to get frustrated whenever he wants to use the animals app because he doesn’t know how to begin. Now, he always remembers to tap on the yellow Start button so he can begin playing with the app.
  • Louiji likes riding. He once rode on the football section of his Little Gym as if he’s riding on a horse. He also dumped the entire contents of his toy box, stepped inside and pretended that he is driving a car.
  • Louiji picked up all the cars and put them back on top of the box drum.
  • Louiji knows which part of the book we are reading. He will take the book from my hand, fold it to where the text is, then give it back to me.
  • Louiji removed his pajama without Mommy’s help.
  • Louiji is sweeter than ever. Whenever he sees Mommy crouching to pick up his toys, he would get behind me and hug me tight.
  • Louiji has become so active that he loves playing rough, climbing over Mommy and Daddy and bouncing on our tummies.
  • Before, he finds it hard to wait and would like to have something he wants before he does something that Mommy tells him to do. Now, he would do as Mommy says even before I give him what he wants.
  • Whenever he wants to eat or play with something that he doesn’t see often (junk food, chocolates, his older cousins’ toys), he would put his hands together as if to say “Please!”
  • Louiji is gaining more control over his hand and arm muscles as he now holds crayons and pens using the Palmar grasp.
  • Reads from the app Three Little Pigs by making sounds. He would shake his head on the part where the pug says “No! Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin.” He would also point a finger on pages where the big bad wolf would huff and puff.
  • He loves to do head stand, hand stand then he would roll over.
  • Our little tot was able to point correctly at the apple, ball car, ice cream, egg, socks, toothbrush and parrot from the flashcards posted on the door.
  • Louiji enjoyed playing with his sensory box which contains rice, shovel, plastic cups, spoon and candy sprinkles. I would put him inside our inflatable pool so the mess would be contained in one area. This plan didn’t work because after playing, my little boy would step out of the pool and turn it over!
  • While using the picture book app, Louiji took Snoopy and showed the toy that there is another dog in the picture.
  • Louiji took the paper clips from the sticky board one by one and put them together on one side of the bed. He is getting used to sorting things!
  • Louiji obeyed Mommy when he pushed the Home and Power buttons of the iPad. He would also do the same for our iPhones.
  • Louiji’s fine motor skills are improving. He was able to finish the task of picking up 10 ducks at the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse app. Thanks to our sensory play activities!
  • Louiji made a barking sound when he saw a canine dog at the bazaar and when he saw one while watching Despicable Me 2. He now makes the same sound whenever he sees a dog.
  • Louiji says either Jaja or Jeje while pointing at Jollibee.
  • We are proud to be (still) breastfeeding at 23 months :) Hooray for this wonderful blessing!


Louiji Goes Trick-or-Treating

This post may be really late to talk about trick-or-treating but I shall write about it nonetheless because it’s my son’s first.

Louiji had his first trick or treat at his Daddy’s office last October 30. The Hubs has been planning about it since August. He wanted to take our boy to his workplace for their annual Halloween event. We agreed that we would skip the floors where the theme were about zombies and all things scary. We are Christians and we believe that it is not right to patronize stuff that are attributed to the enemy. What we like about trick-or-treating is that it sparks our creativity to dress up our boy into characters that he like or to something that we think cute. Most of all, we’re after the treats that we can get to fill his orange bucket :)

Take a look at the photos below and see how fun it was. We also took our nephew with us so he could get to experience trick-or-treating before he gets too old for that.

Left: Kuya was happy to have gotten inside a big bubble. Right: He got a cup of popcorn when he sang at one of the stations.

We got two sets of costume for our little one. Since he loves toting around his giant Snoopy stuffed toy, we thought that he could be Charlie Brown. I’ve searched high and low at the department store and was successful to have found the perfect yellow collared shirt. We just bought a black cloth duct tape to create the chevron pattern on his shirt.

Charlie Brown
Our little Charlie Brown

His second costume was that of Captain America. We used the Captain America bonnet that we bought last year and used for his 11th monthsary. Then his father found the perfect shield to go with his outfit.


From left to right: My loves at the Up-themed floor; photo with the royalties; and, the dancing Lego ladies.
Ice cream!
Having a fondness for balloons, my son was so fascinated at this twisted spider, the cat and the bat balloons.

The people at work (that of husband’s) must have put in a lot of money and effort just to host this event. At the lobby, visitors were welcomed with a toy exhibit featuring the personal toy collections of the employees.


Life size statues of Captain America, Batman and other superheroes were also showcased.


A group of Cosplayers were roaming around to entertain the little guests. There’s a candy buffet, an ice cream cart and a popcorn corner that offered treats for everyone. We also lined up for the photobooth to get a keepsake of this fun event.

I could tell that our little boy enjoyed his first trick or treat. He didn’t throw a tantrum the whole day that we were in the office. He was sociable enough to go around, say hi to his Daddy’s officemates and hang out with some of them. He also danced in one of the floors. He also enjoyed playing at some of the activity areas. Overall, it has been a positive experience for him and we would like to do it again next year. We just hope that we win the costume competition next time :)

Louiji at 22 Months

Our dear little Louiji turned 22 months last November 14 (and yes, this is a late post). As my monthly ritual, I have compiled my record of his milestones and some amusing anecdotes. I have noticed a progress on his motor skills, his craving for independence, expressing himself and developing social skills. Also, there is a significant decrease for the need for timeouts. :)


  • Louiji loves sharing his food with Daddy and Mommy. He would use his fingers to pick a piece from his bowl and offer it to any of us.
  • Proud Mommy Moment: Louiji was looking for a book in his pile one morning. He took out all of the books from the box until he found the one that he likes. I then watched him as he returned all his books one by one.
  • Louiji eats a hotdog on a fork on his own. He did the same with longganisa. Don’t worry, I don’t always feed my tot with preservatives-laden food all the time 😉
  • My little one said “Mama” and was reaching out for me while he was crying during one of his timeouts. He has been saying Mama more often especially when he wants to have milkmilk :)
  • Whenever baby sees a picture of people eating, he would put his hands together as he would when we tell him to pray before meals.
  • To pacify him during a long ride, I once taught Louiji how to drive a car. I held his arms in front of him, made his fists close and move as if he’s steering the wheel. Now, whenever we are riding on our car, he would see a picture of a car, or we are out on the streets with plenty of vehicles, he would stretch out his hands as if he is really steering the wheel :)
  • While Mommy was busy in the kitchen, baby opened the ref, found the leftover bread, took it with him in the carpet and ate it.
  • Louiji took the remaining piece of One One and the plastic pack fell from his hands. He picked it up, put the One One back carefully and ate from the pack.
  • He took his Blankie book. Turned on the peek a boo page and did as shown. He then took my hands so I would do the same. Then on the page where the child does a super blankie, Louiji squealed as if to shout “Super Blankie!” and gave a big smile.
  • My tot took his Gingerbread Man book then on the page where it says, “They gave him currants for his eyes, a cherry nose, an orange mouth, and raisins for buttons, ” he would point at his own eyes, nose, mouth and a button on his shirt.
  • He would take out his book I Like It When and he would imitate the illustrations on every page. He would take my hand, hug me, dance, do a peek-a-boo, and kiss me to say “I love you” as shown in the book.
  • Though it took a while before he did it, with perseverance, Louiji was able to climb on the chair next to my desk. He had a hard time at first because he was trying out different positions and was even asking Mommy to pull him up. I let him do it on his own for my baby to build on his perseverance and enhance his problem solving skills. I’m so glad that he succeeded!
  • Louiji would stretch out his right hand and move it to show a flying plane.
  • Our little one learned how to get on and off the bike.
  • Louiji had a grand time at his first Trick or Treat! (More on this on a separate post!) He walked around and played with the little games stationed on the corners of the office. He didn’t cry when his Dad’s officemates asked him to kiss their hand, give a high five and a peck on their cheeks. He even danced on one of the floors!
  • Louiji was watching an episode of Barney about counting. When the children on the show were counting with their fingers, he stretched out his hands and moved his fingers and made an uhmm sound as if he is counting.
  • Louiji now sits, squats, and sometimes do a forward bend when he is going poopsie. I think he’s ready to be potty trained!
  • While having dinner, Daddy was counting with his fingers and Louiji stares and smiles and makes an uhmm sound for every number as if he is saying the numbers.
  • Louiji now likes eating in his own. While I was getting his face towel, he grabbed his bowl of baked zitti and ate on his own using a spoon. At snacktime, Louiji took the fork from me and used it to eat his pancake.
  • After drinking from his sippy cup, he placed it on the right section in his food tray.
  • Baby was able to climb on our bed, which is a bit high than a standard one, on his own!!!!
  • Louiji knows how to hold an open tumbler properly and drinks from it. Though he needs to practice controlling the tilt.
  • Louiji would shake his hand horizontally to denote “no more.”
  • Louiji now enjoys running at an increasing speed. And it makes my heart race big time, especially when we’re out.
  • Louiji was running and fell on his knees but he got up right away and dust off his knees and hands. What a brave boy! :)
  • Louiji discovered the wonders of using a flashlight. He’s been holding and swaying it and gets fascinated at where it shines light.
  • I was holding a flashcard and told louiji that it’s a toothbrush. He then gestured with a finger pointing towards his mouth as if brushing his teeth.
  • Louiji rode his toy horse on his own.
  • Louiji was upset with his older cousins about something so he was raising his right arm and kept pointing with his finger at them. My tot is beginning to express himself when he is angry. Whenever this happens, gently explain to him what had happened to pacify him.
  • We are gradually starting on our homeschool program where we are studying about shapes. Louiji has just finished learning about circles where he colored, traced and made an artwork (with my assistance) about this shape.
  • He used to cry at the sight of my two younger brothers. Though he still wouldn’t let them pick him up without Mommy, he would now kiss their hand, give a high five and sometimes a peck on the cheek.

Excited for more developments and special moments with our little one in the coming days! :) Thank you LORD!

Louiji at 21 Months

It’s a special day today! Louiji just turned 21 months old today! I have recorded a lot of new things pertaining to his growth and development. I have noted some funny and amusing observations, too. The one thing that stands out, which his Dad and I both noticed is that Louiji is beginning to express his independence that sometimes lead to tantrums. That is when we began to impose timeouts.

Louiji at 21 Months

Here are moments that made me smile, feel very happy and so proud of our little one:

  • Louiji can now eat a banana properly with minimal supervision! He holds it properly. I would peel the banana half way and hand it to him. He would take a bite then give the fruit back to me. After he has finished munching, he would then take the banana from me and take another bite. We would repeat this routine.
  • Louiji finished a bowl of lomi, making me The Happiest Cook in the World! It was my first time to cook that dish and didn’t follow a recipe. I just prepared it and hoped that it will taste like my Mom’s lomi. That’s how adventurous I am in my kitchen! I was so glad that time that I did not fail to satisfy the palate of our picky eater.
  • Louiji helped Mommy clean the center table! He saw me wiping the surface and when I paused to pick up something, he took the wash cloth and wiped the table as I did. Yesterday, he did the same thing when he saw me cleaning his mat. I’m happy to have a Little Helper :)
  • Since we got back from our vacation trip in Japan, Louiji has become so fond of his two Mickey Mouse dolls. He would hug and bite on their noses and would tell Mommy to hug them, too. Last week while we were eating lunch, he took my hand and pointed at the direction of one of the Mickey dolls. He wanted me to pick that up and give it to him. When I did, he pushed the doll near our plate and spoon that I was using to feed him. He wanted me to offer a spoonful to Mickey before I feed him again. Silly little one!
  • While Louiji was watching an episode of Barney where the kids were singing about the benefits of eating healthy foods, our baby pointed at his teeth and skin at the same time the kids did. At this time, he can identify his eyes and hair without fail. We are working on the rest of the body parts and I know that one of these days, he will be able to point at the correct part right away.
  • Baby loves playing with marbles, those that belong to his older cousins. Glad that my niece let us borrowed their collection of marbles. Our little man would empty the bucket then he will put back the marbles one by one. He would do that repeatedly. My husband has read somewhere that kids his age are fond of that kind of game.
  • Recently, Louiji asked me to put on the Avengers bucket on his head and then he played around the house with that thing on his head. I think he liked it the first time I did that to him and called him a soldier.
  • Whenever Louiji would see his Enfapro activity book, he would bring it to me and turn it on the page where Move Your Body is on. He will then clap his hands and ask me to sing that song and do the actions as indicated.
  • Louiji enjoys sitting on his car seat again not inside the car but in our living room :) He uses it as a rocking chair while watching TV. He would sit on it and stand up right away to make the seat bounce a little.  But, I don’t let him do it when I or his Dad is not beside him.
  • Louiji now knows how to clean up. Once, he picked up his toys and put them back inside the box. I just hope that he does it each time I tell him to do so.
  • Louiji wants to eat on his own using his fingers. It’s a sign of independence and in a way an exercise of control of which and how much food he would take in at each meal.
  • Whenever he wants me to do something for him, he would take my hand and nudge me toward an object. The same goes for whenever he wants me to accompany him somewhere. Whenever he wants to play basketball with Mommy, he would get his ball and come to me, take my hand and lead me to where his Little Tikes is.
  • Louiji knows that socks are meant for the feet and that a cap is for the head. When he sees his own pair of socks, he would take them and place them on top of his feet. He would also take his cap or beanie and put it on his head.
  • Brushing his teeth is still a battle. Louiji just wouldn’t let Mommy or Daddy brush his little teeth and his tiny tongue. But, he already knows that the toothbrush is meant for the mouth. One time, we let him hold it and then he imitated how we did it by dipping the brush on his tumbler of water and putting it on his mouth. He was not able to do that properly but it’s a start. We are using a fluoride-free tooth gel that was prescribed by his pedia.
  • We bought Louiji a pair of slippers that he can wear at home. I’m so glad that he likes wearing it. His little feet are still getting used to his new footwear and he would walk carefully so as not to let them slip out. When they do, our little boy would come to me and ask me to put them back on.
  • He’s got a new tooth. A new one has just sprang up on the lower right corner of his gums.
  • Each time he asks me to read him the story of Little Red Riding Hood and we would get to the part where the wolf, dressed in Granny’s clothes, would snarl at the girl, Louiji would imitate the growling sound that I make for the beast. As soon as we get to the last part of the story where Red’s father arrived and made the wolf go away, he would pull me and hug me.

These are all the milestones and moments that I have recorded in my phone and those that I have remembered. I pray that there will be more in the months to come :)

May the Lord bless and protect you all the days of your life, Louiji!


Fab 20th!

Louiji turned 20 months old last September 14 and it felt really special because it coincided with our first ever out-of-the-country family vacation :) These are two milestones that we are so blessed to have achieved. Our trip to Japan is one of our faith goals for 2014 and we have been praying for it for the longest time. On the other hand, Louiji’s monthsaries are events that we always look forward to each month.


As parents, we are very happy to have witnessed the following:

  • Louiji knew when a book is upside down. One time, he flipped a book in its proper orientation before he gave it to me and asked me to read it to him.
  • Louiji began to love dancing. Before, he would only dance while watching his favorite TV shows and movies and whenever we sing to him. Now, seeing an object that would remind him of those tunes will make him turn round and round and dance with his arms.
  • Louiji loved eating Daddy’s pork belly and baguio beans recipe. My husband was so happy to see that all his efforts from slaving in the kitchen that day was highly appreciated by our little prince.
  • Louiji ate his very first French toast. It’s that one breakfast recipe that I’m willing to cook and eat each morning.
  • Whenever we go to the bathroom to wash his bum after he does a # 2, I would ask, “O Louiji, pano pwesto natin pag wash ng petpet?” He would get into position right away! That task used to be a struggle for both of us and it made my back hurt. So happy and proud that my toddler and I have finally gotten over that challenge!
  • Our baby boy ate my first beef and brocolli! It was worth the hours of cooking the beef until it’s very tender for Louiji to eat.
  • Louiji has fewer tantrums and he now knows how to obey Mommy! Praise God!!!
  • Louiji’s anxiety towards other people has decreased significantly. He has become comfortable hugging and kissing our relatives from my husband’s side of the family and even our friends from church!
  • Louiji was able to recognize little details on his books. In his “Nighty Night” book, he was able to notice that Cookie Monster had his hands together as if he was praying. Louiji pointed that out and imitated it. On his book, “We Love Greendale”, he pointed at the tiny cows. I then said, “The cow says mooo” repeatedly. After a while, he made the same sound! Also, in the book “I Am a Monster”, he imitated me when I acted out “I am strong” and he insisted that we do it again and again :)
  • I forgot to note in the last couple of months that Louiji calls out to all animals that he would see whether alive, in pictures or as toys. He would stretch out his right hand and twist his thumb with his pointer and middle finger to call on that animal.
  • Whenever I would sing the song “Here I am to Worship”, Louiji would automatically raise his hand when he hears the word “worship.”
  • Louiji recognizes the photo of a duck in his photo album, points at it and makes sounds that sound like “duck, duck, duck” or a quacking sound. On the same page, he would point at the ball repeatedly and he would stretch out his arms as if he is about to catch a ball.

I am excited to see our little boy’s milestones for this month! I’m sure that God will surprise us in the best way with more progress in our son’s  learning and development :)

Louiji is 19 Months Old Today!

Hooray for today! Our baby boy just turned 19 months old today. He is recovering from cough and colds, the virus that is so common these days that it has affected almost everyone in the family (including that of my parents). It’s a good thing that he didn’t get any fever and though his appetite is not as good as it was before he got sick, he still feeds voraciously on my breastmilk. I am super blessed that I can still breastfeed my baby at this time!

Louiji at 19th

As always, I have recorded his breakthroughs from the days leading to his 19th month. They are as follows:

• This is a very notable breakthrough for Louiji. He usually felt uneasy with his grandparents from his father’s side. But, when my in-laws came and stayed at our house for a day and we were with them all the way to Tagaytay and back, he became more comfortable with his grandparents around. He didn’t cry that much. In fact, he smiled more. He even played peek-a-boo with his grandpa.

• Louiji didn’t cry when relatives at wedding of my husband’s cousin greeted him. He willingly took the hand of every lolo, lola, tito, and tita who came by to say hi. He even had high fives with some of them. What a sociable baby!

• At the same wedding, Louiji ate a lot of healthy foods but I also gave him a few pieces of nachos. He also had his first brocolli that day :)

• Louiji keeps on rocking the Lettersaurus as if he wants to put it to sleep.

• While we were having Facetime with his Ninong Dave, Louiji kissed the iPad when Ninong’s face appeared closer on screen to say goodbye.

• Louiji shakes his head and makes appropriate gestures (the ones that we have taught him) when I recite the contents of his favorite book titled, “Do Donkeys Dance?” He does these even in the absence of the book!

• Louiji was able to take away malunggay leaves from the stalk. According to Tanang, he was able to produce 5 whole leaves! Good practice for his fine motor skills!

I’m so happy with my son’s accomplishments in every aspect of his development. He is becoming more and more mobile and independent as he grows and my husband and I need to keep up with him and do more babyproofing in our home. I also pray that God will grant us more patience, grace and wisdom as we strive to be the best parents to our dear Louiji.

Fantastic 15th!

Our little man turned 15 months last April 14. And he gave us a surprise that made us so delighted. He walked independently at a greater distance without any coaching or any form of assistance from Mommy and Daddy. He did it for several times while playing around the house! It was such a big and wonderful milestone! We are so proud of our little boy!

Louiji and His Muffin
Louiji was looking at Mommy while she was singing Happy Monthsary

When our boy turned a year old last January, I told myself that celebrations would then be made every year instead of every month. Guess what? I broke  my own promise! I can’t help it. I couldn’t help but celebrate each month and look at what he has achieved and how much he has grown. I just hope that he would not grow up too fast. I pray that his Daddy and I will always be with him to savor every little bit of triumph that he gets.

With every bit of achievement that he gets, I make an effort to document it in my phone. I would take photos or a video. I would also record it in my calendar. Sometimes, I don’t get to capture anything at all. I would just look at our son, be mesmerized and just be in that precious moment. Each time, I would feel proud, happy and thankful to God for enabling Louiji to reach such milestones in his growing years.

Now that we have a little walker, I appreciate the house that we live in all the more. Our toddler gets to walk a lot in a wider space, getting curious of what’s in each corner and room of the house. My husband and I have made some adjustments in our home once again to make it more conducive and safe for Louiji to move around. We get tired at times running after our spirited toddler but we are all good. He is being more mobile now and it is such a great blessing from the Lord. After all, we could use a little exercise.

To our dear baby Louiji, have a fantastic 15th month! We love you so much!


My Baby is Now a Toddler

And he is 14 months old today. How time flies! I still can’t stop calling and referring to him as “my baby”. My husband would often say that he is already a big boy. To which I would always object and say that he is still a little boy and he will always be my baby. Am I in denial? *cricket sounds*
Louiji and his bike

As of this writing, our Mr Pogi is sleeping while nursing on me. He got bitten with the cold virus again because of me and my hubby. We both have just recovered from the virus but during the days when we still had it, we were with our little one and we can’t stop kissing him and he would kiss us back. That’s how we passed on the bug to him. I felt so guilty because of that and kept on saying sorry to our baby and praying fervently for his healing.

Despite the coughing and the runny nose, L couldn’t be stopped from playing and moving around. He enjoys the space that we have a lot. His Daddy and I would move our furnitures so he can bike around the house. Actually, it was more of us pushing him on his bike as he cannot pedal on his own yet. He likes it and he would even stand up while the bike is moving ala BMXer!

He crawls very fast and he is cruising much faster. He recently became confident of climbing down our bed which is a bit high for toddlers. Last week, when he woke up from his morning nap, he stood up on his own. Walang hawak! I was really amazed at that milestone. Since then, he’s been practicing standing on his own and I know that it won’t be long before he can do it more frequently and confidently.

The food choices for our little boy has increased. There has been an increase in the food groups that he can consume. Lately, he’s been eating munggo, bangus, champorado and cereals. I was also able to give him calamansi juice with honey at the onset of that bad cough.

And because he is growing up, our boy is starting to express his likes and dislikes. There are times when he would get into tantrums. When it happens, I would just ignore him and he would stop right away. It was as if he understands that that kind of behavior won’t sit well with Mommy. I told my husband to do the same. We don’t want to raise a spoiled brat. When the tantrum is over, we would talk to our toddler and explain why we wouldn’t allow something. We would then reaffirm him that he is a good boy and that we love him so much. We are now reaping the benefits of the parenting seminar that we attended a couple of years ago.

At 14 months, my husband and I are praying that our son will be blessed with more growth and development milestones and that he would be spared from harm and danger. We also pray for strength, patience, grace and wisdom as parents for us to take better care of our precious little one.

Are you a parent of a toddler, too? Please do share your parenting tips in the comments below. Thanks!

Free From That Nasty Cold at Last!

As I type this, my baby is sleeping soundly. He is free from that nasty cold at last! No more runny nose that makes playing and eating uncomfortable. No more wrestling matches whenever I try to clean his stuffy nose in the morning. Best of all, he can feed on my milk without difficulty in breathing. Thank God that my child has recovered from that bug in a week!

I’d like to share to you how I managed to help my baby boy during that cold spell.

  • Proper medication – As soon as I have confirmed that it really is a cold that he was having, I gave him the medicine that was previously prescribed by his pedia.
  • Frequent breastfeeding – Because he didn’t feel well and eating and swallowing solids were difficult, I offer him my breastmilk as often as I can.
  • Elevate head –  During those days, I make it a point to breastfeed him on a sitting position so I could elevate his head and help him breathe comfortably. While sleeping, I would also put a pillow under his head and shoulder.
  • Citrus nibbles – I would give him a small piece of citrus fruits that I ate.
  • Gently squeeze his nose – This was during bath time whenever I rinse soap from his face. I would quickly and gently squeeze his nose to let the mucus out.
  • Back massage – A couple of times after giving him a warm bath, I would massage his back with lotion to soothe him and make him feel better.
  • Water therapy – My boy is not fond of drinking water which made it more challenging for us. To encourage him to consume water, we would drink from our own glass at the same time that we offer him his sippy cup. Sometimes, it worked. Other times, it didn’t. Still, we gave him water as often as we can.
  • Mommy’s healthier diet – Since my baby won’t drink that much water, I just increased my own water intake. I also ate more fruits, drank plenty of juice and ate yogurt because I know that I can eventually pass on these nutrients to my baby. It helped a lot for both of us to get well.

I hope that your little ones won’t get sick. But, if they do, you may want to do what I just did for my darling baby.

May all of us be in good health always! :)


Louiji’s First Birthday Party

We had a laidback celebration of Louiji’s first birthday. I have managed to convince my husband to have a small house party instead of having a big celebration at a famous fastfood chain. We had a long debate about this matter but my husband eventually agreed to my plan. :) I have wanted a house party for Louiji’s first birthday for a number of reasons. Most of them are for his own good. My primary concern is that I want him to be well rested before and after the party.

Since the day of his birthday, January 14, falls on a Tuesday, we had the party on a Saturday of that week so family and friends can come and join us. But we did have a celebration on January 14. My husband took a day off from work so we would be complete as a family to mark this momentous milestone in the life of our firstborn. We had a cake smash in the morning, gave him our gift then we drove to Sta Rosa to have a special family lunch, have a leisure walk and visit the nearby shops. We could tell that our little man enjoyed his special day because he smiled and laughed a lot during that day :)

Now, back to the birthday party. We have indicated in our e-invites that the party will start at 3PM. This is for Louiji and his baby and toddler cousins to have had their nap before the party and so they wouldn’t be cranky and just have fun at the party.

Louiji's Party Invite

For Louiji’s birthday cake, I asked my childhood friend Mau of Mau’s Cupcake Cafe to create a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse themed cake because we had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally as our party theme. That’s because it is Louiji’s most favorite app on our iPad :) I looked for an inspiration on Pinterest and sent it to Mau. I also requested that she make the cake and the cupcakes not too sweet so Louiji wouldn’t get so accustomed to it and quit on breastmilk. Mau suggested to make vanilla because it is not too sweet. My husband and I were so happy when we got the cake and cupcakes! She even used red and white polka dot cupcake liners to follow our theme. Check out the photo below. The Mickey Mouse gang figures were from Louiji’s toys. If you’d like to have awesome and yummy cakes and cupcakes, get in touch with Mau via her Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Louiji's Cake and Cupcake Tower with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figures

For the food, I cooked carbonara and macaroni salad with almonds. My Mom and Dad cooked lumpiang shanghai and lumpiang gulay, respectively. These are their specialties. Our Tita Ninang Alice gave us her most requested menudo. The rest of the food: a bilao of spaghetti, a bunch of pork barbeque, and roasted chickens were all store-bought. We also had tubs of ice cream.

Buffet Table and DIY Projects
Our buffet table with some of my DIY projects

The colored fringe backdrop, piñata, Happy Birthday banner, 4D letters for Louiji’s name, chronological photo display and the favor bags are my DIY projects. They were handmade with love with the help of my husband, sister-in-law and my niece. These projects were inspired by the pins from Pinterest and craft projects that I have seen from countless mommy and party blogs that I have read. Kudos to them for sharing the how-tos of their lovely projects! I hope to do the same for each and every craft that I do.

My husband also made a wonderful slideshow of our family photos. He is really good at doing it. Our dream to have a family photoshoot finally happened with the help of his Kuya, who really captured our good angles and candid moments. Photography is just a hobby of his and yet he is already good at it.

The other party effects such as the balloons, red tin pail, cupcake tower and red and white polka dot table napkins were all purchased from Celebrations Party Central at Festival Mall in Alabang. The treats inside the favor bags were bought from the grocery. We have also included Mickey Mouse Clubhouse mini memo pads and puzzles from Celebrations.

We have decided to dress in red as a family. Some of Louiji’s cousins donned costumes. Kuya Dionne came as Donald Duck and Ate Taji became his partner as Daisy Duck. Baby Zeia was in a Minnie Mouse dress while Kuya Dave wore a Mickey Mouse shirt. Too bad we didn’t have a picture with all of them together.

Family Picture
Louiji was looking at his Kuya Dionne who was trying to make him smile


Cousins in Costumes
Ate as Daisy Duck, Baby Z as Minnie Mouse and  Kuya as Donald Duck

I’m glad that Louiji didn’t cry when we sang him Happy Birthday. He didn’t get startled or anything. I guess it’s because days before, we’ve been practicing the birthday song and candle blowing. But, I was the one who blew the candle for him. Even if he already knew how to do it, he couldn’t because the cake was at the top of the cupcake tower.

Louiji eventually got used to seeing several people in our house that day. Though he can’t join his older cousins running around yet, he looked happy just watching them.He ate a lot that day. Before the party, he got to taste his vanilla cupcake minus the icing. He also ate the carbonara with me during lunch time. While waiting for the guests, he ate his favorite Bibibons. During the party, he ate spaghetti. When he was full, he fell asleep on his Dad’s shoulder. He felt comfortable in that position that he was asleep for a couple of hours. He woke up before our guests bid goodbye. We did the piñata before everyone went home. I helped Louiji pull the string that I tied at the bottom to bring the treats out. It didn’t budge so I had to remove the tape at the bottom. The kids went crazy when the candies came falling! Louiji just watched them. Amused and amazed, probably. After that, we had a group picture. We gave out loot bags to the kids, cupcakes and take out food to the adults before they went home.


Before I slept that night, I felt tired but glad that we had Louiji’s first birthday party right in our home. It was more fun, intimate, personal and less stressful. The thing that I’m most grateful for? Having a blessed first year with our baby boy, the most important reason for our celebration.