Enjoying Life’s Little Surprises

Though it can be very tiring at times, I really love being a Mom to my 5-year-old and 6-month-old. I want to savor every moment that I have with them – the good and the not-so-good ones. I want to do as much as I can for them and with them. I want to enjoy the surprises that life brings during this season. Hopefully, when they are ready to spread their wings and leave our nest, I will not regret anything.

Bambini has recently re-launched its baby cologne line with a very apt tagline that moms like me can relate with, “Enjoy Life’s Little Surprises.” Their new ambassadors are Iya Villania-Arellano and her cute little son, Primo. What better way to introduce Bambini’s new endorsers and their new scents than to have a Family Bootcamp! My son said that he enjoyed the Bootcamp and I really saw how kids like him had fun at every activity station named after the new scents: Sunny Playtime, Cotton Cuddles, Ocean Kisses, Morning Tickles, and Starry Lullaby. In every station, kids did not only had fun, but they were also able to exercise their gross motor, fine motor, and cognitive skills. I was surprised that though the activities in every booth were short and simple, my son still had an awesome time. A couple of days after the event, he kept telling me, “I enjoyed at Bambini, Mommy!”  It’s really amazing how we can make kids happy with the simplest of things as long as we are with them!

We love the Bambini scents that we got that we use them everyday. Yes, WE, because I use it, too! I love that Bambini formulated hypoallergenic, mildly scented, yet long lasting baby colognes that are safe on my children’s sensitive skin. I love that it doesn’t irritate our noses too, given that we are prone to sneezing at very strong scents and odors. My son’s favorite is the Sunny Playtime. It’s the only scent that he likes to use. I use all the other scents for my baby girl. At bedtime, I would use Starry Lullaby for them for a more refreshing cuddle time before bedtime :)

Go get your own set of Babmbini Baby Cologne! It’s available at 25ml, 50ml and 125ml bottles. You can buy online at their Facebook page.


Hello There, Landers Alabang!

Finally! Landers Alabang West

Landers finally opened here at the South! My husband read about it in his FB feed early this week and said that we check it out on Friday. So, off we went to  Landers Alabang West after his errands and our usual Friday routine. I don’t know if it was just the usual Friday traffic in the Commerce Ave-Daang Hari route or the volume of cars heading Landers, but we spent quite some time on the road on our way there. It’s a good thing that we had take out food to eat during the ride.

I first read about Landers setting up here in Alabang in the Mommy FB groups. There has been a buzz to this superstore in the last quarter of 2017. Some said that if you’re just buying for your personal consumption, it is best to shop at Landers. But, if you’re buying for your business, S&R is the place that you should go to.

When we got there, the Landers open parking was already full but there were several cars queuing for slots. We were directed to a nearby dirt-road-like property which was almost full at the time. Parking is FREE :) We walked all the way to the superstore’s entrance which was brimming with people. Landers has set up a registration area for new members right near the entrance.

Registration for New Members

The staff were very prompt and accomodating to everyone. There’s a special lane for pregnant women, senior citizens, and PWDs. Since I was babywearing Bubs yesterday, a member of the staff helped me process my application asap. The regular rate for a Premium membership is Php800 but they are offering a 50% discount so I only paid Php400. Not sure, though, when the promo rate will end. While paying for my card, a lady showed a printout to the staff and asked where she can claim her membership card. That’s when I learned that we can apply online. Too bad I didn’t knew that before!

Federal Barbers at Landers

Federal Barbers, located on the right side of the entrance, offers FREE haircut, as well as, shampoo and blowdry! My husband initially planned to avail of  the free haircut but it was already late and the shop was full so he had to pass up on this chance.

Inside Landers

Landers also have the open-shelves setup where you can see products stacked up high. Kind of like how S&R does.





Dough and Co. has a long table that is full of a wide array of cakes, cookies, muffins and other pastries that are either sold at a lower price or are on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo. We were able to buy that 4-piece Chocolate Chip Muffin box for only Php149.75. They taste good especially when warmed from the oven.

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Landers also have a lot of under Php100 deals that we took advantage of! Among them are:

Rainbow Nerds

  • Rainbow Nerds (big) –
  • Siviero Maria Gelato (Pistachio and Tiramisu -150ml ea) – Php49.75
  • Totally Awesome Bathroom and Shower Cleaner – Php59.75
  • SuperSoft Table Napkins – Php49.75
  • Ivory Soap (Original) – Php69.75
  • TJ Farms Select Blueberries – Php69.75
  • Ersao Seafood Gyoza Micro – Php64.75
  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – Php64.75
  • Nestle Buncha Crunch – Php64.75
Plenty of gelato flavors to choose from!
Plenty of gelato flavors to choose from!
Wine, wine, wine!
Wine, wine, wine!


Here are a couple of my husband’s great finds :)

Captain America and Battle Cycle

Marvel Avengers Captain America with Battle Cycle (Php549.75). Our big boy chose this over the Iron Man.

Glad Sink Cutlery Holder

Glad Sink Cutlery Holder (Php324.75) at 50% off!

We were supposed to eat at Landers Central, their in-house foodcourt but the line was too long and we couldn’t get a table.

Also, Landers had a promo in partnership with the Caltex station within it’s vicinity. It was past 8PM when we got out of the store, the queue to Caltex was too long, we haven’t eaten yet and we’re all too tired so we didn’t avail of the promo.

If you’re planning to visit Landers Alabang West on a weekend, you might want to:

  1. Eat before heading to the superstore. Shopping when hungry is not a good idea.
  2. Brace yourself for a high probability of heavy traffic. This is also why it’s important to do Tip #1.
  3. Watch out for Buy 1 Take 1, 50% Off and other discount deals.
  4. If you’re planning to dine at Landers Central after shopping, you might want to ask your conpanion to get a table at the foodcourt area while you’re still at the checkout counter.




Parentology: Parenting in 2018

Parenting is not for the faint-hearted. That’s what I have come to realize now that I’m a mom to a 5-year-old boy and a 5-month-old baby girl. I want to be a loving and nurturing mother to my little ones, but I also have to be firm and tough when it comes to instilling discipline.

I admit that I cannot do all of these on my own. I pray for my children daily and I also ask God to give me and my husband wisdom, grace, lots of patience, and physical strength as we take care of our children. We read a lot about parenting – from credible parenting resources that we can get ahold of. We talk to fellow moms and dads who have children who are in the same age range as our little ones. Whenever we can, we also attend parenting seminars.

Nestle NANKID is very much aware of the need (and anxiety) of parents like me, to nurture our children and prepare them for the journey called Life. This is why they have come up with the Parentology+ advocacy. Read the press release below to know more.


Help Reshape Your Child’s Future with Parentology+

Find out how you can bring your child’s future forward


Today’s world is vastly different from what it was just a decade ago, causing anxiety among parents trying hard to provide their children a future full of possibilities. Technology, environmental changes, and lifestyle shifts have redefined the way people do and view things, so much so that today’s parents sometimes feel overwhelmed by the world their children are growing in.

Unlike a generation ago when school children often ate home-cooked meals and played games with neighbors, today’s children often consume fast food items while playing video games on their handhelds. Parks and outdoor spaces have been replaced by sprawling malls, while the ever increasing population has meant traffic congestion, pollution, and other urban challenges that did not exist or were not as bad ten years ago. As a result, many children have become couch potatoes with limited socialization opportunities. A number of growing kids struggle with issues such as obesity, socialization difficulties, attention problems, and the like.

Worse, there are factors that parents feel they could not do much about such as family health history, to name a few, which could potentially influence their children’s future.

Despite all these challenges, parents still possess the power to reshape the future of their children. With commitment, knowledge, and support, they can build a better future for their kids.

To guide parents in reshaping the future of their children, Nestlé NANKID is partnering with them in advancing Parentology+, an advocacy to help parents take charge of their future with simple steps that can be taken right at home. These day-to-day measures cover the different phases of life, such as diet and nutrition, exercise and activity, socialization, and creativity.

To launch Parentology+, Nestlé NANKID will be holding a series of events to bring the advocacy closer to parents across the country. The events will feature bloggers who are also parents, and who can share their experiences about different aspects of their parenting journey. Blogger Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi and Nestlé Nutritionist Ms. Aleli Magtibay will give insights on nutrition and diet. Football player Anton del Rosario will share how he got his son to embrace an active lifestyle and love sports. Entrepreneur and stylist Cat Arambulo-Antonio will speak on how she helped her children learn to socialize with their peers, and tidbits on how to stimulate their creativity and confidence.

Parentology+ recreates a typical home and its rooms. The space will consist of three stations touching on three important topics: Food, Physical Activity and Socialization– fill your day with ways you can stay lean at the Foodie station and make sure to get that drool-worthy photo, jump into a ball pit at the Play station and play on a giant piano at the Social station, and so much more! Each station will be decked out to be Instagram-worthy for those who want to share their family bonding moments on social media so make sure to check it out!

To up the ante, a special keepsakes and lots of freebies will be given to the participants. And for added excitement, Nestlé NANKID will be giving away Instax SQ10 cameras to two lucky attendees in each run!

Parentology+ kicks off starting February 3 to 4 at the Activity Center in Trinoma Mall, which starts the Metro Manila run. To reach more parents, it will be followed by events in:

  • SM City Clark on February 10-11,
  • Abreeza Davao on March 3-4, and
  • SM City Cebu on March 17-18.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help reshape your children’s future. Visit www.facebook.com/NANKIDOPTIPRO for more details.


Powdered milk drinks suited for healthy children above 3 years of age, NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR are formulated with optimized protein to ensure optimal weight advantage and optimal development advantage. NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR also contains partially hydrolyzed whey, clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies.

The tiny Buds Organics Collection

This blog post is sponsored by tiny Buds. All opinions stated are mine.

tiny Buds has just released their baby clothing line which they aptly labeled as the tiny Buds Organics Collection. This collection is lovingly made from 100% organic cotton which makes it safe for baby’s delicate skin. Being organic, the manufacturing of this garment has a lesser impact on our environment.

Organic Cotton

I first got to know the tiny Buds brand when I gave birth to my firstborn. Part of the hospital’s goodie bag is the tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder. It’s a non-talc powder that is safe for babies. Then when he got older and started having a few teeth, I switched him to the Tiny Fangs Tooth Gel after using another brand. He liked it better for its Tuition Fruit flavor and as I have observed, it works better than the previous brand. Now that he is four years old, he’s using the Tiny Fangs Kiddie Toothpaste which is low in mint, low foam,  Paraben-free and Fluoride-free.

tiny Gabrielle
My adorable tiny Gabrielle!

That’s my adorable three-month old daughter! 👆 Our  bunso :) She greets me with a cheerful smile each morning, giving me a good start for the day. In that photo, she’s wearing the tiny Buds Organics personalised onesie, pajama bottoms, mittens, and booties. She was also wearing the cute beanie before that picture was taken.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Tie Side Blouse

In that next photo above, my baby wore the tiny Buds Organics short sleeves kimono top with her navy blue and white polka dot leggings. I love that with its beige color,  every piece from her tiny Buds Organics set can be paired with any of the clothes that she already has!

Check out my Instagram post below for a closer look at the tiny Buds Organics Collection.  We got the Short Set, the Organic 3-pc. Newborn Set, and the Organic Binder.

After I have inspected every piece in the collection and had my baby tried them, here’s a list of what I love about the tiny Buds Organics Collection:

Made from organic cotton
New and unwashed fiber does not have any smell at all. It is also soft to touch – definitely comfy and safe for my baby’s delicate skin.

Printed size on the inside
When shopping, it’s easier to see the size on the inside part of the garment because of its large print. Size is printed on the garment itself and not on a tag. Inner tags almost always cause an irritation on baby’s sensitive skin.  

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Size Print


Tiny brand tags 
They do have brand tags attached on the beanie, booties and short sleeve kimono top but they’re tiny and on the outside so they won’t be a bother to baby’s skin.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Tag

As I have mentioned earlier,  every piece from the collection is in one color: Beige. It is very suitable for babies of both genders. Perfect as gifts for when you don’t know the gender of the little one yet.

Personalized onesie print
tiny Buds will customise your baby’s onesie by adding your wee one’s name after their brand signature, tiny. We got ours with tiny Gabrielle on it. I soaked my baby girl’s collection on tiny Buds Newborn Laundry Wash (no less!) and haven’t rinsed it until the second day. My hubs freaked out because he got worried that the print would fall off. But it didn’t! :)

Stitched Ties
I was so glad that the short sleeve kimono top has stitched ties! With all the tie-side tops that I bought for my babies, I had to loop each tie on its ends because they tend to run easily and cause tangles in the laundry.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Stitched Ties

Garterised mittens
tiny Buds Organics’ pair of mittens are garterised which ensures that baby’s mittens won’t fall off.  The majority of the mittens that we have have ties and I have to do a double loop when I put them onto baby’s hands. Most of the time, especially when we are out and about,  one of the mittens gets loosened and would fall on the floor. My son would quickly pick up his baby sister’s mitten and give it to me. My baby would either end up using a spare in a color that is different from what she is already wearing on the other hand, or her other hand would just go bare. These never happens whenever she’s using the mittens from tiny Buds!

Structured booties
The pair of booties don’t have ties as well. It has a wide band on top that keeps booties in place. At the bottom of each is a structured but soft fabric in the shape of baby’s feet which make it look like shoes.

tiny Buds Organics Collection - Organic Binder
Organic Binder


Non-irritating adhesives
The Organic Binder (in the photo above) has non-irritating adhesives. One side has round tips that adhere to the other flap firmly. These round tips wouldn’t hurt baby’s skin, if ever the binder gets detached.

All of the pieces that we got from the tiny Buds Organics Collection are fit for babies 0-3 months of age. They all fit nicely to my 3-month-old baby girl.

Get a set for your own little one at www.tinybudsbaby.com! I love that tiny Buds has their own shopping website. Online shopping with reliable delivery and superb customer service is really helpful for busy moms like me :)

To know more about tiny Buds and their amazing products, follow them on IG: @tinybudsbaby and on FB: @tinybuds.


Doña Elena Olive Oil and US Master Chef Season 8

Chef Gordon Ramsay has been famous for a long time already but I have only got to see his cooking videos late last year. I see him as an excellent chef in that he makes whipping up sumptuous dishes as if anybody can do that in their own homes. He also shares useful kitchen hacks that will make food preparation easier and enjoyable for anyone.

Chef Gordon is best known for his undeniably strong presence in the US Master Chef. This long-running televised cooking competition is now on its 8th season and will soon be aired on Philippine television in partnership of Doña Elena Olive Oil. Learn more about it on the press release below.

Doña Elena Brings Master Chef Season in the PH


Doña Elena Olive Oil brings Philippine airing of US Master Chef Season 8 on Star World

Chefs, home cooks, and foodies now have something more to look forward to as the all-new season of US Master Chef surprises viewers with a feast of flavors that are both inspiring and entertaining.

Over the course of its newest season that premieres on June 8 at 8 PM on Star World, US Master Chef Season 8 promises to showcase hilariously yummy dishes, and a mix of new breed of personalities who can potentially change the culinary scene, one recipe at a time. To intensify the excitement, James Beard award winner and Mexican-American Chef Aaron Sanchez joins acclaimed pastry chef Christina Tosi, and main host and celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsay as judges.

“I haven’t wanted something professionally this bad in a long time,” says Sanchez while also sharing that this project is a dream come true.

As the season’s major sponsor, Doña Elena Olive Oil will be airing great-tasting healthy recipe ideas in between commercial gaps. From dipping, sautéing, to frying, Doña Elena Olive Oil unearths all-new feast of healthy meal ideas that any foodie will love.

The consistent no. 1 olive oil brand in the Philippines, Doña Elena Olive Oil contains 80 percent monounsaturated oleic acids better known as good fats and is naturally rich in A, K, and E vitamins that help lower bad cholesterol. Olive oil does not only provide health benefits but also elevates the taste of any dish to a whole new level.

Don’t miss Master Chef’s latest season and be an expert in your own kitchen with Doña Elena Olive Oil tips in the show. The Mediterranean inspiration that’s evident in each bottle of Doña Elena Olive Oil depicts exceptional quality and premium taste, an assurance that it won’t fail you and your taste buds in your everyday cooking!
Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino consumers, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. To learn more about Fly Ace, visit www.flyacecorp.com.

Doña Elena Olive Oil is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is the consistent no. 1 Olive Oil brand according to A.C. Nielsen. Available in three (3) variants, extra virgin, pure and pomace which comes in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L glass bottles and 5L PET bottle sizes. For more tips, recipes, and promos visit @donaelenacuisineraclub on Facebook and Instagram.

Ogalala: Helping Parents and Kids to Thrive and Inspire

It was a privilege to have witnessed the #Kidspirations launch at Ayala Malls The 30th in Meralco Avenue, Pasig City last April 29, 2017.


Since we’re not that familiar in the area, we arrived at the event a bit late than my target schedule. As soon as I have registered, I went inside to take pictures. I didn’t know that my husband and son followed me inside. When I turned around, my husband was already shopping for shoes for our little boy at the shoe sale just a few steps away from the Kidspiration entrance. My husband is really like that – quick to spot a great find for our son. When I joined them, I saw that it was indeed a great one. It was a pair of navy blue, Chicco loafers that are made of synthetic leather. It was on sale for only Php499 and it was the last pair. It’s bigger by half an inch but we took it anyway since our son’s feet gets bigger in a few months.

Ogalala Kidspirations - All Products Flash Sale

Next stop was the All Products Flash Sale kiosk. It was filled with toys and art supplies that kids of all ages will surely love. It was my son’s turn to shop! As he went around the kiosk, he peruse the items within his reach. At last, he found something that he really, really like.

Ogalala Kidspirations - Ice Age to Go by GeoWorld

He took it and told me, “I want it. Open?” I told him that we have to pay for it first. He’s been holding that toy as we go around the different shelves to check out the other items. He looked so determined in having that toy. I asked him if he really like it. He answered in a loud “Yes!” I asked him if the are plenty of toys inside the plastic dome. He said yes again and pointed at the illustrations in the label. This kid sure knows how to justify his purchase! I looked at its orange tag (Php400) and the original price tag (Php599). Not bad, Php199 off. My husband agreed and told me to buy it too.

Ogalala Kidspiration - Elle Onesies at 90% off

On our way to the cashier, we spotted the ELLE Onesies which were being sold at 90% off! That deal was so hard to resist. Good quality and brightly colored onesies for infants and toddlers which were being sold at Php100 each that day. We are not yet sure about the gender of our next baby so we bought a red onesie fit for 0-6 months old and a blue one that our baby can wear when he/she turns 6-12 months old. We actually wanted to get the white one but it was no longer available on the size that we need.

Ogalala Kidspirations - Shopping Haul
Clockwise: Chicco loafers, Ice Age to Go, and the ELLE onesies. That’s my son in the background, playing with his new Ice Age to Go.

After we finished our shopping, we decided to have lunch first then go back to the Kidspirations event after to watch the ELLE Kids Fashion Show. Whenever we eat out, we would usually take out the iPad to entertain our son and for all of us to eat well. But because my son was so excited to play with his new toy, he completely forgot about the iPad and asked permission to open his little package. He was delighted to find 6 Ice Age animals inside and couldn’t wait to play with them. The set also comes with 2 plastic rocks, a paper play mat, and 6 name cards that give more information about each of the Ice Age animals. This play set might look boring to some but my son definitely enjoyed playing with it. One more good thing about Ice Age to Go is that my son learned about those animals while he was playing with them. Talk about learning through play! We learned about the scientific names of those creatures as well as their age, dimension, the era through which they exist, and a bit of trivia about them. My son used his imagination and creativity to play with his new toys. He made them walk through the ice pictured on the mat, hid them inside the plastic glacier cover, and asked us to help him match the cards with the animals. This continued up until we got home. We even came up with other games and stories that involved this Ice Age to Go set.

Going back to the Kidspirations event…

I only had a few minutes to browse on the other items on display just before the fashion show started. There are so many Crayola art supplies to choose from.

Ogalala Kidspiration - Crayola - Php50 Deals
Crayola’s Php 50 deals: Washable Glue Sticks, 10-pc Modelling Clay Sticks, and 8-pc crayons

There was the Crayola Pick Your Pack promo where you can choose any color of the Crayola crayons that you like. For only Php99.75, you get to have 24pcs of the crayons that you fancy and include those that do not normally appear in the usual pack. Anybody heard of the colors Wisteria, Purple Mountains Majesty, and Wild Blue Yonder? These are only a few of the uniquely named Crayola crayons in that vast selection.

Ogalala Kidspiration - Crayola - Pick Your Pack
Crayola’s Pick Your Pack Promo. Get 24 crayons of your choice for only Php99.75

Ogalala Kidspiration - Crayola's Color Wonder - Minions

Crayola’s Color Wonder pack featuring the adorable Minions. The big pack has 18 coloring pages and comes with Mesa Free Markers (Php250). The small pack has 80 mini coloring pages and 6 washable mini markers (Php200).

There were plenty of toys for older kids that were on sale, too.

Nestle Bear Brand Yogu Milk Drink20170505_101712


Ogalala Kidspiration - The Purple Cow - Magnetic Chess and Magnetic Magic Word
The Purple Cow’s Magnetic Chess and Magnetic Magic Word are the prefect travel companions even grown-ups would love. Ideal for kids ages 4 and up.

The afternoon program started as the day’s emcee, Mommy Kristine, welcomed the audience and introduced Ms. Maye Yao Co Say to give us a background of the Ogalala brand.

Ogalala Kidspiration - Mommy Kristine - Event Host

Ms. Maye Yao Co Say, the COO of Ogalala World, gave us a background of how the Ogalala brand was developed and how it intends to help parents and kids to thrive and inspire others.

Ogalala Kidspirations - COO - Maye Yao Co Say
Ogalala COO, Ms. Maye Yao Co Say

Ogalala has created the System in PLAY and CARE in order to help parents identify the milestones in their children’s life stages and adapt to their learning method and care needs. The system is backed by extensive research and advice from child development experts which makes it adaptable regardless of our parenting style.

On the other hand, Kidspirations is an advocacy spearheaded by Ogalala which aims to help parents raise happy, fulfilled, and purposeful children. This advocacy also encourages kids to inspire other kids.

From the Advertorial:

What is the #Kidspirations Parade?

“Let Inspirations be part of our personal goal, part of our own milestones. Be something and be someone. Be a kid with a purpose, Be #kidspirations to yourself and to others.”
That is the main motive of the parade to showcase #kidspiration stories to promote ideals and aspirations of parents and expectant mothers.
Sharing both parents’ and kids’ aspirations through their #kidspiration stories realizes the Goal of Ogalala for children to have a happy, fulfilled and purposeful future.
This parade is a small step which Ogalala hopes can lead to a bigger leap for parents and children to be #kidspirations.

As a parent, I see the Ogalala System in Play and Care as a big help in choosing what’s best for my preschooler and my soon-to-be-born baby. With the myriad of options that the market has in store for us, we sometimes second guess on what will be really useful and worth our money. With Ogalala, we are confident that we will be buying educational toys, baby products and kids’ fashion items that were carefully curated to suit our children’s needs.

After Ms Yao Co Say’s very informative presentation was the fashion show. It was a preview of ELLE Kids Spring/Summer Collection that includes the new and exciting designs inspired by the Parisian Lifestyle. Children of all ages walked confidently on the ramp to showcase the latest in ELLE Kids clothing line. The show ended after selected kids from the audience were also given the opportunity to walk the ramp, introduced themselves and shared what they want to be when they grow up. Truly a #Kidspirations moment for the kids that day!

Ogalala Kidspiration - Elle Kids Spring Collection - Boys

Ogalala Kidspiration - Elle Kids Spring Collection - Girls

The Ogalala #Kidspirations event was made possible in partnership with Crayola, Melissa & Doug, EMCO, Animal Planet, The Learning Journey, Discovery Kids, Pigeon, Safety1st, Ergo Baby, Quinny & Maxi Cosi, and, ELLE Kids.

Ogalala Stores:
Ogalala Store 2nd floor Shangrila West Wing
Ogalala Baby 2nd floor Shangrila Mall, Main Wing
Ogalala Store 2nd floor Ayala Malls The 30th Meralco

Shop online @ Oga-lala.com

Ogalala Hotline: 441-1717 / 990-5437

Bear Brand Yogu Yoghurt Milk Drink

Nestle Bear Brand Yogu Milk Drink

It was lunch time when we received our Yogu Lunch Kit and my son couldn’t wait to drink the Strawberry variant as he is fond of anything in that flavor. I told him that we must have it chilled first since we just got it from the courier. As soon as he finished his meal, he asked for his Yogu Strawberry right away and he consumed it with gusto. I’m glad that he liked it. I will certainly have Yogu as a replacement for his usual chocolate drink. I find Yogu healthier, especially for his teeth. Just look at what all the flavors of Nestle Bear Brand Yogu has in store for my son:

  • Milk by Bear Brand, yoghurt and real fruit juice
  • Tibay resistansya nutrients Zinc and Vitamin C
  • 50% less sugar
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Mas masarap at mas matibay na yoghurt milk drink

Nestle Bear Brand Yogu Milk Drink20170315_084618

My son and I love eating yoghurt so it was easy for us to like Yogu. However, his older cousins wouldn’t even let a teaspoon of yoghurt near their mouth. But when they had a sip of all three flavors of Yogu, namely Green Apple, Mango, and Strawberry, they couldn’t stop raving about this milk drink and kept on saying that they would like to have it for baon in school. I also tried having a sip of the Mango and Green Apple flavors. The Yogu Mango is my new favorite because it is not too sweet nor too citrus for my taste.

I’m including Bear Brand Yogu Yoghurt Milk Drinks in my grocery list. It’s that one healthy milk drink that tastes great, too. We can have Yogu as part of our breakfast and snack or even have it as dessert, as my son prefers. It’s also perfect as our baon whenever we go out or run for errands.

The Bear Brand Yogu Yoghurt Milk Drinks are available in two sizes in leading supermarkets and convenient stores nationwide. I even found out that a sari-sari store in our neighborhood sells Yogu. Go ahead and buy some for yourself and your kids soon!

I Thought I Couldn’t Get Anything at Great Kids But I Was Wrong

I won a gift certificate from Great Kids at last year’s Thanksgiving Party of the Mommy Bloggers Philippines. I was excited to use it, thinking that I can get something for my little boy for Christmas. When I found out that Great Kids do not have clothes for boys, I got a bit disappointed. I then decided to get something from the shop that we can give us gifts.

From what I have read on their Facebook page, “Great Kids offers fresh, fun and pretty apparel for young girls aged 2-10 yrs old and capsule collections of Infant Girls, Mommy & Me and maternity apparel”.

Great Kids ATC

Last December 2016, I went to the Great Kids at Alabang Town Center (ATC) which is located the Level 2 Expansion Building to see what I can buy. When I went there the first time, I didn’t find anything that I want so I walked away empty-handed. Maybe because I still want to get something for my self, at least?

I visited Great Kids at ATC again a couple of weeks ago.  With fresh eyes, maybe I can find something that I would want for myself or for the little girls in our family. I came at a good time because I had the store to myself. I was able to chat with the supervisor and the clerk. They showed me their current promotions as well as their new arrivals.

Great Kids Girls Apparel

It was a good thing that Great Kids ATC allowed me to use my GC to get anything from their maternity and nursing line as well as from their girls’ apparel and from regular-priced items to those on sale.

Great Kids Girls Apparel

My second visit indeed made me look at what Great Kids has to offer in a new light. Since my husband and I have been praying for our next baby, it would be nice to get a maternity dress as part of our preparation :) I picked three dresses from Great Kids’ wide selection of maternity and nursing wear and took them with me inside the dressing room to see which one will fit nicely on me. Before trying each one on, I took a picture of the dresses. Yes, inside the fitting room. Big mistake. I could have taken photos while they were hanging on the racks for better view and lighting. This lady still has a lot to learn with photography!

I digress. Let’s go back to the dresses.

Great Kids - Grey Dress

There are reasons why I chose these pieces. I picked the grey, short-sleeved dress with black lines for its classic appeal. It looked very comfortable to wear and can go with any of the bags and shoes that I have (which isn’t a lot, by the way). It’s a maternity dress that doubles as a nursing wear. I find it stylish in that way. It makes it comfortable for breastfeeding moms like me to nurse our baby wherever and whenever. The top part of this dress makes it convenient for moms to nurse their babies without the risk of exposing their milk machine in public. This dress has an opening, big enough to fit in the head of a baby or even a toddler for nursing. The inside part of that section has a soft lining with slits on both sides.

Great Kids - Floral Dress

This spaghetti-strapped, ruffled, floral dress has that flirty vibe. Its lightweight fabric highlights body curves. With the kind of weather that we have this January, this dress is best worn with a cardigan or draped with a cozy shawl.

Great Kids - Pink Dress

This pink maternity and nursing dress looks funky with its print and cross-tie top. It has that same feature as that of the grey dress. Also, this dress makes a preggy woman look younger :)

Of all the dresses that I have tried on, I feel comfortable and I (think) look good in the grey, short-sleeved dress. It costs Php899.75 – a great steal for a maternity and nursing-friendly clothing! To make the most out of my GC, the clerk suggested that I pick something from their little girls’ apparel, which were on sale at that time. I got a cute blouse for my niece as our gift for her birthday next month.

If you’re an expecting mom, a breastfeeding momma, or have little girls to dress up, go check out Great Kids for stylish, functional, chic and reasonably-priced clothing. Great Kids will surely make you love shopping for yourself and for your little girls!

Check out below the list of Great Kids boutiques and kiosks as well as its sister shop, Pois Belly & Kids:

GREAT KIDS boutiques:
– TriNoma: Ground Floor near Activity Center
– Shangri-la Plaza: Level 4 Main Bldg
– Alabang Town Center: Level 2 Expansion Bldg
– Ayala Center Cebu: Level 3
– SM City Cebu: Level 2, Main Mall
– SM City Iloilo: Upper Ground Floor
– SM Mall Of Asia: Level 3, Main Mall

POIS BELLY & KIDS boutiques:
– SM Megamall: Level 5 The Atrium
– SM Lanang Premier Davao: Level 2

– Aura
– BF Paranaque
– Calamba
– Cebu
– Iloilo
– Makati
– Mall Of Asia
– Manila
– Marikina
– Megamall
– North EDSA
– Pampanga
– San Lazaro

Visit Great Kids on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/greatkidsph/


A Day at the Science Circus

The beauty of homeschooling is that we can go on field trips whenever and wherever we can. So, one fine Saturday, we traveled to Taguig to check out The Mind Museum’s fifth travelling exhibition, the Science Circus. It’s such a blessing that we all have All-Day Passes, which also gave us access to the exhibits inside The Mind Museum.

Science Circus - Entrance

The Science Circus is situated outside the main museum, in the middle of the J.Y. Campos Park. As soon as my son saw the entrance to the Circus, he squealed in delight and couldn’t wait to get inside. When we got in, I thought that there was not much to explore as the set-up was not as big as that of the previous Dino Play. I was wrong. Our little boy couldn’t get enough of the interactive exhibits. My husband and I also had fun tinkering at the elements inside the Science Circus. The elements may seem ordinary but it sure challenged us how to make them work and how everything fits in.

My son’s favorite is the Deception Perception. Check out our IG video below. He just kept on lining up again and again just so he could play inside the odd-shaped room and marvel at how the balls would roll through the trough and into the wire basket.


Science Circus - Inside the Odd Room
Our smiles barely hid our dizziness! It was really a challenge to keep our balance inside the Deception Perception room.

Science Circus - Colorful Foam Puzzles

Here’s another one of my son’s favorites. I actually loved this exhibit too for its cushioned floor gave comfort to my tired feet. My kid spent a lot of time in this exhibit. He wanted to build a fort so he kept on putting the pieces on top of each other then he would get on top and let himself fall down and roll on the floor. Silly little boy! This is also where he was able to find a playmate, another boy who looked like a child of an expat. He’s a bit older than my son and I admired that he played nice and was a bit patient knowing that he’s playing with a younger kid. Praying for more children like him :)

Science Circus - Tangrams

I have played with Tangrams before but I didn’t know that they are called until we visited the Science Circus. See, it pays to go on educational tours, because we not only learn a lot but it also reinforces what we think we already know.

Science Circus - Solving Tangrams

Science Circus - Automaton
The Automaton

Science Circus - Automaton 2


This exhibit is so fun! All you have to do is rearrange the discs and gears in each segment. Once you have figured out the correct set-up, the segment would move.

Below are more photos that we had from the time of our visit.
Science Circus - Floating Head

Science Circus - Floating Head


Science Circus - Silver Puzzle

Science Circus - Benhams Disk

Science Circus - Shape Sorter

Science Circus - Optical Illusion

Liked what you see and read from my post? Go ahead and take your whole family to The Mind Museum’s Science Circus! Your trip would all be worth it because you will not only learn a thing or two but you will have fun tinkering with the elements as well.


Limited Offer:

Together with Mastercard, The Mind Museum offers something enticing for visitors! Use your Mastercard and avail of a 3+1 treat to any admission ticket to the Museum or its special exhibitions. See posters for full details. Until December 30, 2016 only.


If you have extra money, please also consider donating to The Mind Museum. Being a non-profit organization, the museum would appreciate funding so they can keep on making the exhibits affordable to students and teachers, especially those in public schools.


Ladies and gentlemen, Science Circus has come to town!


Science Circus POSTER_eBLAST 111716

MANILA, Philippines – Be ready to #EnterTheScienceCircus!

Science Circus: Step Right Up! is the 5th traveling exhibition of The Mind Museum, supported in part by Mastercard, Limkaco Industries, Uratex, and Thompson Hardware and Lighting Center.

The Science Circus: Step Right Up! showcases the amusing, the peculiar, and the extraordinary in our everyday experiences, in the form of interactive exhibits that deceive the senses and boggle the mind.

While the nearly 250-year history of the circus abounds with awe-inspiring demonstrations of physical skill – such as high-flying aerial artists, to death-defying daredevils – the Science Circus challenges our traditional notions of a circus by focusing on the mind’s “acrobatic” perceptual tricks.

As the guests enter the exhibition, they are welcomed by a festive, colorful façade which sets the tone for the sights and sounds they are about to experience. These interactive exhibits are displayed simultaneously in three adjacent Rings. Guests can go in any of the Rings in the order they please.

Ring One, or Deception Perception is a menagerie of exhibits that will prompt you to question whether to see is to believe. Can you always trust your senses? Is what you see as real as it seems? Can your brain produce motion where there is none? Your first venture into the Circus will unveil the “blindness” of your mind’s eye.

Ring Two highlights Pieces of Incredible Engineering, where guests can engage their minds in puzzles and relish how math and art come together. This central area is animated by simple machines, and engages guests in activities that evoke their inner engineer.

Last but not least, Ring Three is Encounters with the Masters, where guests can interact with and learn the secrets of the Masters of Illusion. They can take on the challenges posed by each Master, and discover how our brains can be ensnared by smoke and mirrors.

Visit the Science Circus: Step Right Up! exhibition right now for another wonderful ride through the world of Science! To make it even more enticing, a special treat awaits!

Together with Mastercard, The Mind Museum offers something enticing for visitors! Use your Mastercard and avail of a 3+1 treat to any admission ticket to the Museum or its special exhibitions. See posters for full details. Until December 30, 2016 only.

The Science Circus: Step Right Up! exhibition vividly illustrates how our everyday experiences are full of delightful secrets that we can uncover, to discover more about ourselves and the world around us. Let’s all have fun together! See you there!


*The Mind Museum’s traveling exhibition Science Circus will be on display in the Museum for a limited run, until January 31, 2017 only. The exhibition aims to travel to cities and provinces around the country as part of The Mind Museum’s mission to bring science closer to the general public.

Entrance Fees:
Science Circus* only
P200 / head Adults or Child

The Mind Museum (3-hour tour) + Science Circus
P750 Adults
P650 Child/Student (up to college)

Kids below two feet are Free.

*Enjoy Science Circus exhibition for 90 minutes choosing from these timeslots:
9am-1030am | 1030am-12nn | 12nn-130pm | 130pm-3pm | 3pm-430pm | 430pm-6pm
Limited capacity. Guests are welcomed on a first come, first served basis.

Limited Offer:
Together with Mastercard, The Mind Museum offers something enticing for visitors! Use your Mastercard and avail of a 3+1 treat to any admission ticket to the Museum or its special exhibitions. See posters for full details. Until December 30, 2016 only.

The Mind Museum Operating Hours
9:00am – 6:00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays.
CLOSED on Mondays.

For more information or for interested parties who would want to host this exhibition, please contact:
Email: inquiry@themindmuseum.org
Website: www.themindmuseum.org
Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram: themindmuseum