Doña Elena Olive Oil and US Master Chef Season 8

Chef Gordon Ramsay has been famous for a long time already but I have only got to see his cooking videos late last year. I see him as an excellent chef in that he makes whipping up sumptuous dishes as if anybody can do that in their own homes. He also shares useful kitchen hacks that will make food preparation easier and enjoyable for anyone.

Chef Gordon is best known for his undeniably strong presence in the US Master Chef. This long-running televised cooking competition is now on its 8th season and will soon be aired on Philippine television in partnership of Doña Elena Olive Oil. Learn more about it on the press release below.

Doña Elena Brings Master Chef Season in the PH


Doña Elena Olive Oil brings Philippine airing of US Master Chef Season 8 on Star World

Chefs, home cooks, and foodies now have something more to look forward to as the all-new season of US Master Chef surprises viewers with a feast of flavors that are both inspiring and entertaining.

Over the course of its newest season that premieres on June 8 at 8 PM on Star World, US Master Chef Season 8 promises to showcase hilariously yummy dishes, and a mix of new breed of personalities who can potentially change the culinary scene, one recipe at a time. To intensify the excitement, James Beard award winner and Mexican-American Chef Aaron Sanchez joins acclaimed pastry chef Christina Tosi, and main host and celebrity-chef Gordon Ramsay as judges.

“I haven’t wanted something professionally this bad in a long time,” says Sanchez while also sharing that this project is a dream come true.

As the season’s major sponsor, Doña Elena Olive Oil will be airing great-tasting healthy recipe ideas in between commercial gaps. From dipping, sautéing, to frying, Doña Elena Olive Oil unearths all-new feast of healthy meal ideas that any foodie will love.

The consistent no. 1 olive oil brand in the Philippines, Doña Elena Olive Oil contains 80 percent monounsaturated oleic acids better known as good fats and is naturally rich in A, K, and E vitamins that help lower bad cholesterol. Olive oil does not only provide health benefits but also elevates the taste of any dish to a whole new level.

Don’t miss Master Chef’s latest season and be an expert in your own kitchen with Doña Elena Olive Oil tips in the show. The Mediterranean inspiration that’s evident in each bottle of Doña Elena Olive Oil depicts exceptional quality and premium taste, an assurance that it won’t fail you and your taste buds in your everyday cooking!
Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino consumers, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes house brands and exclusively distributed brands. To learn more about Fly Ace, visit

Doña Elena Olive Oil is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. It is the consistent no. 1 Olive Oil brand according to A.C. Nielsen. Available in three (3) variants, extra virgin, pure and pomace which comes in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 L glass bottles and 5L PET bottle sizes. For more tips, recipes, and promos visit @donaelenacuisineraclub on Facebook and Instagram.

Kitchen Adventures with Sugar Blend

This post was written in collaboration with Merisant Philippines,  makers of Sugar Blend and Equal Low Calorie Sweetener. All opinions stated here are mine.

Kitchen Adventures will always have a special place in my heart. It might sound cheesy  but this very thing livens up my passion in whipping up meals for my loved ones.  We have favorites that we cook on a regular basis, but sometimes, I get bored with preparing the same old dishes. I want to shake things up a little,  just a little bit.

Last year,  the folks at Merisant Philippines sent me this lovely basket of sweeteners that was filled with pouches of Sugar Blend and packets of Equal Low Calorie Sweetener. I was delighted with the package that we received for I was,  at that time,  on a baking spree. I shared about my happy mail on social media. Among the reactions that I received was a couple of precautions about the effects of using an artificial sweetener. I then searched for anything about Sugar Blend and Equal and found an article published on the National Geographic about sugar substitutes. I find that article useful and informative since I was planning to test Sugar Blend for baking and cooking. Now, to make things clear: I am writing this blog post to see how Sugar Blend will do with what I will prepare for my kitchen adventures. Will it make my output more palatable and visually appealing? That’s what I am about to share with you. If you are concerned with using sweeteners other than pure sugar, it is best that you talk to your doctor about it.

Sugar Blend and Equal Gift Basket

Let’s get to know Sugar Blend first. As indicated in its 400g pouch, Sugar Blend is a blend of sugar and sucralose, suitable for cooking and baking. It sweetens like sugar but with 50% less calories. Based on the serving comparison with sugar, 1 teaspoon of Sugar Blend (16kCal) is as sweet as 2 teaspoons of sugar (32 kCal). Merisant Philippines positions Sugar Blend as a versatile and affordable sweetener product that can provide healthy sweetness to your usual food and drinks.

I have tried Sugar Blend when I made my family’s favorites – French Toast for my husband and Oatmeal Cookies for our little boy :)

French Toast - Ingredients

French Toast
5 slices of bread
2 eggs
1/2 cup of fresh milk
2 tbsp of butter
1 tbsp of cooking oil
A dash of ground cinnamon
A dash of salt
1. Beat the eggs. Add salt, milk and butter. Mix until well blended.
2. Heat pan with oil.
3. Dip bread onto the mix one at a time.
4. Fry each side until lightly browned.
5. Serve with a dash of cinnamon.

Verdict: With Sugar Blend, the French Toast that I prepared turned out fine but my husband still prefers that I use brown sugar for his toasts.

Oatmeal Cookies with Sugar Blend

Oatmeal Cookies

I was craving for oatmeal cookies – the freshly baked ones that I used to get from cafes. I didn’t have the leisure of going to coffee shops at that time so I decided to make my own batch of oatmeal cookies. It was a good thing that we already have the Quaker’s Quick Cooking Oats on stock. At that time, my husband have been eating oats for breakfast. I just went to the Quaker’s Oats website and found this recipe. From the recipe, I substituted granulated sugar with Sugar Blend and used half of the required amount. I also omitted the cinnamon and nutmeg since I’m not fond of them. I actually made two batches of these cookies – bite-sized and cafe-sized (if there is such a term).

Verdict: I liked the way our first Oatmeal Cookies turned out. It’s sooo good that my son nibbled on the cookies after they barely cooled off on the rack! We shared some to my sister and my niece and they too loved our freshly baked cookies. I was so happy with the results that I made more the following week :)

With how my cooking and baking turned out, I am sure to use Sugar Blend on most of my dishes again. I like that I only need to use half of what the recipe requires for the sugar since Sugar Blend sweetens the same way as the regular sugar but with less calories – healthier and cost-effective.

Also, with the easy-to-pour pouch of Sugar Blend, I didn’t have to transfer its contents to another container. It’s easy to store too since it has a twist cap. It’s convenient enough to use for cooking without the hassle of spills.

Sugar Blend is available in leading supermarkets nationwide. At SM, it’s on the same shelf were the bottles of honey are.

To know more about Sugar Blend, visit their FB page at

Doña Elena World Pasta Month

October was a pretty busy month for me. It was a month full of birthday celebrations and special events. One of them was the Doña Elena World Pasta Month that I went to with my sister and our kids. The Doña Elena World Pasta Month was a success with their partnership with several media outlets including our group Mommy Bloggers Philippines.


Mommy Bloggers at the Al Dente Pasta Festa
Mommy Bloggers at the Al Dente Pasta Festa


The great setup of the stage for the cook-off
The great setup of the stage for the cook-off


Al Dente Pasta Festa Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
Ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Italian Embassy Deputy Consul Mr. Fabio Furlotti and the executives of Fly Ace Corp.

When we got there, the atrium of the Mall of Asia was already jampacked with pasta lovers, most of them came with their families. The venue, which was set up to look like an Italian food fair, had several pocket activities that featured products from Al Dente, Fly Ace Corporation and from the other partner brands.  Jho and I tried to line up to have our share of the Pasta Alla Carbonara and Tomato Basil Penne Al Dente pasta meal but we decided against it for the queue was too long. We just went around and visited the other booths.

Al Dente Pasta

That little cutie in the photo above is my constant event buddy! He was in a very good mood all through the day and even said hi to the lady at the Corelle booth. Behind him are shelves of Al Dente pasta and Doña Elena products. I’ve been using the Al Dente fettuccine, penne rigate and lasagna as well the Doña Elena whole peeled tomatoes to prepare sumptuous meals for my family. I love that Al Dente pasta are easier to cook (no need to add oil!), are firm to the bite and absorbs sauces well. Check out the next three photos to find out how these 100% durum wheat semolina pasta are being made.

How is pasta made?

How is pasta made? Step 2

How is pasta made? Step 3

Masflex was one of the brands at the festa. The brand showcased their selection of cookware and knives.

Masflex Non-Stick Pans

I’d love to have that frying pan from the Masflex Marble Series. I’m sure that it will take cooking to a new level. They look quite heavy, though.

Masflex Marble Pan

Masflex Cookware and Knives

Tecnogas, an Italian manufacturer of home cooking applicances, exhibited their top-of-the-line cookers and ovens. Someday, I would have my brand new cooker and oven :)

Tecnogas Gas Range

Gloria Jean’s was also there and treated guests to a cup of freshly brewed coffee. This coffee shop brings fond memories for it is where I use to hang out with my longtime buddies and it has also become a date place for me and my hubby.

Did you know that May is really a sparkling juice and not wine? But it tastes like wine! Hubby and I have been enjoying the 100% Sparkling Red Grape Juice on several ocassions long before I got acquainted with Fly Ace and their products. It’s perfect for breastfeeding moms like me who wanted to enjoy down time with the hubby without compromising the milk that I give to our (big) baby :) I had a sample of the White Grape variety and it tastes sweeter than the red one.

Corelle is a prime brand of dinnerware that has been around for quite some time already. We’ve been using Corelle plates at home, hand-me-downs from my mother-in-law, and they are really very durable and elegant. For that, I use our Corelle plates to add style to my food photos :) I’d love to have my own set of Corelle plates in the future. Will definitely include that in my prayer list!

Corelle Dinnerware

I’m looking forward to attending the Al Dente Pasta Festa next year and hope that I can finish it until the end. I was not able to stay longer and witness the cook-off for it was almost nap time already. I try to avoid triggering crankiness when we’re out and Daddy is not with us. I’m sure everyone had a lovely time at the festa, too! Have you been there, too? Please share your experience at the comments below :)

Al Dente Pasta Festa

I cook pasta every other week, with or without an occasion. We simply love pasta. We can eat it at any time of the day. I have actually included pasta in my Kitchen Adventures and those that involve pasta were among the successful ones. It is only fitting that I take part in the upcoming celebration of the World Pasta Month on October 9 at the Main Mall Atrium of the SM Mall of Asia. If you’re a fellow pasta lover, you should come, too. Check out the press release below for more details.


In Celebration of World Pasta Month


Craving for a bit of Italian? The first thing that comes to mind is a big heaping bowl of pasta, covered with your favorite sauce and sprinkled with lots of Parmesan cheese. It is a dish that everyone loves to eat often, that pasta has become a kitchen pantry staple. Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta brings a taste of Italy to the Filipino home with its line of Italian artisanal pasta noodles, made of 100% durum wheat semolina.

Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is produced according to the tradition of true Italian pasta. There is actually an Italian law that prescribes that pasta must be made using 100% durum wheat semolina, which is the hardest of all the wheat varieties and has the highest protein content. It is the use of durum wheat that makes pasta “al dente” or “firm to the bite.” Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is also made using traditional bronze dies, which gives the noodles ridges, which helps the sauce cling to the noodles more, for a richer flavor. Plus, Doña Elena uses all natural GMO-free ingredients in its pasta, which makes it really good for you!

FETTUCCINE is derived from the Italian word fetta, meaning ribbon. This basic noodle provides a better surface for catching sauce. It is often served in Alfredo sauce, a mix of parmesan cheese and butter. Available in 500g pack.
FETTUCCINE is derived from the Italian word fetta, meaning ribbon. This basic noodle provides a better surface for catching sauce. It is often served in Alfredo sauce, a mix of parmesan cheese and butter. Available in 500g pack.

Over the years, pasta has become such a favorite dish for Filipinos. In fact, almost every gathering or special occasion isn’t complete without a big platter of spaghetti Bolognese or baked macaroni. Or maybe even an original recipe using shrimp, Spanish sardines or even spicy tuyo. Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta brings the Filipino’s passion for this versatile noodle to the forefront with the celebration of World Pasta Month, this October. The celebration started in Rome in 1995 with the First World Pasta Congress, and countries all over the world have come up with their own festivities since. After all, pasta is a global food consumed in all five continents and is a perfect fit for a dynamic and healthy lifestyle. The campaign and series of events will highlight every foodie’s love for pasta and how it has become such an integral part of Pinoy culture.

FUSILLI (singular fusillo) are long, thick, corkscrew-shaped pasta. It is this shape that lets fusilli hold a lot of flavor and sauces. Available in 250g & 500g packs.
FUSILLI (singular fusillo) are long, thick, corkscrew-shaped pasta. It is this shape that lets fusilli hold a lot of flavor and sauces. Available in 250g & 500g packs.

The campaign kicks off with the Doña Elena Al Dente Online Pasta Recipe Contest, which is open to all home cooks and pasta enthusiasts. The mechanics are simple – upload a photo of your pasta dish with your original or favorite recipe made using Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta to Instagram and tag @DonaElenaCuisineraClub with the hashtag #AlDentePastaMonth. Don’t have Instagram? You can also upload your entries to Each entry will be reviewed for a chance to be part of the finals where the top five will have to cook their dish in front of a live audience at the upcoming Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta Festa. Deadline for submission of entries is on September 30, 2015. For more contest details, you can log on to No need to wait! It’s time to say…Al Dente!

LASAGNA (singular lasagne) is a wide, flat pasta shape with curly edges that help hold the sauce. It is probably the oldest form of pasta in the Mediterranean. Its most common dish involves layering the pasta with alternating béchamel and meat sauces and baking the whole assembly in an oven. Available in 500g pack.
LASAGNA (singular lasagne) is a wide, flat pasta shape with curly edges that help hold the sauce. It is probably the oldest form of pasta in the Mediterranean. Its most common dish involves layering the pasta with alternating béchamel and meat sauces and baking the whole assembly in an oven. Available in 500g pack.

The main highlight of the Pasta-rrific festivities is the Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta Festa – World Pasta Month Celebration to be held on October 9 at the Main Mall Atrium, SM Mall of Asia. It is not to be missed by foodies, home cooks and aspiring chefs alike – and it’s best to come with a healthy appetite. The event will feature an Italian Food Fair, reminiscent of walking thru the food streets of Italy. Looking for a new recipe to try? Chef Ben Bernardo of Café Royal & Pasha, along with Chef Roberto Bellini (of the famed Bellini’s Restaurant in Cubao) will be sharing their favorite recipes in a fun cooking demonstration. Another highlight will be the grand finals for the Doña Elena Al Dente Online Pasta Recipe Contest, to see who will emerge with the best pasta recipe of the season, for a chance to win cash and kitchen appliances. If you’re feeling a little hungry, the Pasta Eating Contest could be right up your alley, where you can chow down on delicious Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta dishes and win a prize. It will definitely be a fun day of eating, cooking and celebrating, so mark the date on your calendars. The event will be hosted by Aksyon sa Umaga Anchor Grace Lee.

PENNE (singular penna) RIGATE (ridged). The pasta gets its name from penna, meaning feather or quill. It is often used in various pasta dishes, boiled until al dente and tossed with sauces or baked in ovens. Available in 250g & 500g packs.
PENNE (singular penna) RIGATE (ridged). The pasta gets its name from penna, meaning feather or quill. It is often used in various pasta dishes, boiled until al dente and tossed with sauces or baked in ovens. Available in 250g & 500g packs.

The Doña Elena Pasta Fiesta – World Pasta Month Celebration is in cooperation with media partners Food Magazine, Working Mom Magazine,,, Business Mirror, Malaya Business Insight, Business World, HerWord and Mommy Bloggers Philippines; and partners Masflex, Whirlpool, Tecnogas, Corelle, Ginhawa Spa and Dining, Caffe Bene and Gloria Jeans Coffee.

The most popular form of pasta, SPAGHETTI is (singular spaghetto) derived from the Italian word spago, meaning thin string or twine. Its best-known servings are Spaghetti alla Bolognese and Aglio Olio. Available in 500g pack.
The most popular form of pasta, SPAGHETTI is (singular spaghetto) derived from the Italian word spago, meaning thin string or twine. Its best-known servings are Spaghetti alla Bolognese and Aglio Olio. Available in 500g pack.

Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is the only authentic Italian Artisan Quality pasta brand in the Philippines. It is crafted with bronze dies which leave a rough surface on the pasta, helping sauces cling better to the pasta, thus making it more delicious. Doña Elena Al Dente Pasta is available in 5 variants – Fettuccine, Penne Rigate, Fusilli, Spaghetti and Lasagna.
For more info, visit

Come join us this October 9 as we celebrate the World Pasta Month and say... It's Al Dente! Join our online contest and pre-register for the event, visit
Come join us this October 9 as we celebrate the World Pasta Month and say… It’s Al Dente! Join our online contest and pre-register for the event, visit

Fly Ace Corporation is one of the leading food and beverage consumer goods companies in the country today. Propelling limitless multiple-category growth by bringing the best of the world closer to Filipino homes, Fly Ace Corporation’s portfolio of food and beverage products includes strong house brands and leading global brands. Learn more at

For more information, please contact:
Rachel Ramos
Public Relations Specialist
Mobile: 0998 964 9482
Landline: + (6 32) 807 9999 loc. 748

My First Ever Spaghetti Bolognese

I have noticed that my family and I have an affinity for sauces that tend to be on the sweet side. Whenever I would cook spaghetti, the sauce will always include the sweet style variety and a few teaspoons of brown sugar. That’s what I learned from my Dad, who cooks the best spaghetti ever. I would follow that formula each time and my spaghetti would also be a hit like his. On days when we eat out and crave for pasta, we are partial to restaurants that serve that kind of spaghetti. We could finish a serving in no time.

There was a time when we were staying at a hotel and I tried to avail of the room service. For a change, I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese.  I tried giving some to my son and see if he would like it. He liked it a lot that I didn’t have to chase him around the room to feed him. He would come to me each time he wanted a spoonful. He almost finished the whole serving! I was determined to look for the best Spaghetti Bolognese recipe so I can make one for him at home. I searched the web for a no-fuss Bolognese recipe and found one on BBC. I just used it as my guide and tweaked it a bit.  I substituted ground beef with ground pork, used palm oil instead of olive oil, and to make it more special for my little one, I added a can of Jolly Mushrooms (Pieces & Stems).

Jolly Mushrooms Pieces & Stems

I have learned that the secret of this pasta recipe is to let the sauce cook very gently in order to achieve its richness. It was a test of patience (for me, at least) but it was worth the wait. Our little kitchen was filled with the aroma of this tomato-based pasta sauce!

Cooking Bolognese Sauce

Because it was my first time to cook a different kind of pasta sauce, I was a bit nervous if The H and our little one would like it. To make this pasta dish more appealing to our son, I served it on his favorite Lightning McQueen bowl which is part of the Starter Set from Melawares. When he woke up from his nap, I told him that I made something for him.  I then offered a spoonful to him and waited for his reaction. He asked for another  and another until he finished everything in his bowl. I was sooo happy! When my husband got home from work, I served a plateful of Spaghetti Bolognese for him and I was glad that he liked it, too :) My hardwork paid off! Another successful kitchen adventure :)

Spaghetti Bolognese

Here’s the recipe for my version of the Spaghetti Bolognese, with my alterations. This is how I did it. You may use the recipe below as your reference but adjust the ingredients or steps according to your preferences :)

Spaghetti Bolognese

1 tbsp palm oil
400g ground pork
1 white onion, diced
3 garlic cloves, chopped
1 medium-sized carrot, minced
1 can chopped tomatoes
1 can (284g) Jolly Mushrooms Pieces & Stems
1 cup water
400g spaghetti, cooked according to packaged directions
salt and pepper

1. Heat a medium-sized saucepan over medium heat. Add a tablespoon of palm oil. Saute garlic and onion. Add ground pork and cook until browned.
2. Add in the chopped tomatoes, minced carrots and mushrooms. Add water gradually. Add salt and pepper according to your preferences.
3. Simmer for 30 to 45 minutes over low heat or until the sauce thickens.
4. Pour over a plate of spaghetti and serve.



Of Salads and Celebrations

I have noticed that salads have become a staple in our family celebrations. Whenever we get together with our relatives, I am sure to see a salad of any kind served on the table. It may be a vegetable salad, fruit salad, macaroni salad or something of the experimental kind (depending on who hosted the gathering). I, for one, have many variations of the macaroni salad which I have served during special occasions. I am sharing one of the varieties here on the blog today.


Macaroni Salad with Chicken and Cashew
My Macaroni Salad with Chicken and Cashew. I promise to take better food photos next time (practice, practice)!

400g macaroni salad, cooked according to package directions
1 c of boiled and shredded chicken breast
1/2 c of Jolly Whole Corn Kernels
443.60 ml of Jolly Real Mayonnaise
1 c of grated cheese
1 small pack of cashew nuts
Salt and pepper to taste

Jolly Real Mayonaise
Jolly Real Mayonnaise is made from the finest eggs and oils for more flavor and texture for your salads.

Easy Peasy Steps:
1. Drain the cooked macaroni thoroughly.
2. Add in the shredded chicken, mayonnaise, kernel corn, grated cheese and mix them altogether.
3. Add salt and pepper according to your taste preferences. You may add in a scoop of sugar if you have put in too much salt. This works well for me.
4. Top your salad with cashew nuts.
5. Chill for a few hours before serving.

Isn’t that easy? You can actually prepare this salad to make everyday meals special.

How about you? What’s your special salad recipe? Please do share in the comments below :)


One Sweet February Weekend

One sweet February weekend, I was on a baking spree. I wanted to have some sort of dessert buffet for Valentine’s Day so I made cookies, cupcakes and pastillas (my nephew and niece did the finishing touches for this milky treat).

Baking homemade cookies has been my ultimate dream and I was able to achieve it with the help of a very easy to follow recipe from Baker Bettie. I stumbled on her recipe for Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies when I was looking for  instructions on how to make cupcakes and cookies without baking soda. Here is my version of the cookies.

Bite-Size Chocolate Chip Cookies

Read more

Sweet and Fluffy Pancakes

Happy weekend everyone! Weekends are meant for spending time with our loved ones. What better way to do it than to prepare something special that will surely delight their taste buds. For today’s breakfast, I was able to cook Sweet and Fluffy Pancakes for my loveys. Here’s how I did it:


1 medium egg, beaten
A pinch of salt
1/2 cup of White King All Purpose Flour
1/4 cup of brown sugar
1/2 tbsp Calumet Baking Powder
1/4 cup of water
1 tbsp of butter, room temperature
Jolly Claro Palm Oil

1. In a bowl, beat egg and add salt.
2. Add brown sugar and mix until well blended.
3. Put in the flour and baking powder. Mix thoroughly.
4. Add water to the mixture and stir conitnously.
5. Add butter and mix well.
6. Heat the frying pan and put just enough oil.
7. Pour in 1/4 cup of the batter on the pan.
8. As soon as more bubbles start to surface, flip the pancake to cook the other side.
9. Serve with your choice of syrup and toppings.

Makes 3 servings.

For our pancakes, I used my leftover cream cheese frosting and spread it liberally on each serving. My boys loved it so much that I am inspired to make these Sweet and Fluffy Pancakes more often :) I will share pictures of this comfort food next time 😉

You might want to try out fhis easy pancake recipe, too! Happy cooking!

Homemade Pastillas Rolled in Brown Sugar

I’ve been watching a local TV series titled Dream Dad recently and one episode inspired me to make our own homemade pastillas. I used this recipe as my guide. I didn’t follow the recipe exactly as indicated because I just used whatever we had on the fridge. Thus, the Homemade Pastillas Rolled in Brown Sugar.

Homemade Pastillas Rolled in Brown Sugar
I added Nips chocolates, too!

My output turned out great and was actually delicious according to my nephew and niece. My two-year-old and I feasted on these milky treats the night we made it. I had to exercise self-control to ensure that there’s more left for the following day 😀

I am planning to make another batch soon and use candy sprinkles instead of brown sugar. I’m sure that the kids will go crazy over these colorful and sweet treats!

Do you love pastillas, too?

Kitchen Adventures: Beef and Broccoli

For this season of my Kitchen Adventures, I now bring you my own version of Beef and Broccoli!

Beef and Broccoli
The photo doesn’t look nice but this Beef and Broccoli really tastes good ;)

Judge not, peeps! Judge not the photo! I know that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to food photography. Time will come when my photos will look more appealing. For now, let’s settle with a decent-looking food photo 😉

The first time that I tasted this dish was at my parents’ house. I didn’t like it back then because I am not a fan of broccoli. The main reason why I included this dish in last week’s menu was because I wanted Louiji to be more acquainted with this veggie. I was so happy and proud that he liked it the first time he ate it at a cousin’s wedding. And so, when I have found a reasonably priced broccoli and beef at the supermarket, I thought of cooking it for my boys. I did not looked for a recipe nor asked my Dad for help (he was the one who cooked it at home). I just had a memory of what it tastes like and so that’s where I began. The following are the list of ingredients and the process by which I prepared and cooked my version of Beef and Broccoli.


  • ¼ kilo of beef, cut into bite-sized strips
  • ¼ cup soy sauce
  • 3 pcs of calamansi
  • Garlic, crushed
  • Onions, minced
  • Broccoli (small bundle), cut into smaller portions
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • A dash of pepper to taste
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar*


  1. Marinate beef in soy sauce and calamansi for at least an hour.
  2. Place the marinated beef with its marinade in a pot with just enough water to cover the meat. Braise it for 2 hours or until tender. You may braise the beef for less time if you will use a pressure cooker.
  3. Add onions and garlic.
  4. As soon as the beef is tender, remove the pot from heat.
  5. Heat the wok. Add butter and saute broccoli.
  6. Add in the braised beef and stir fry with the broccoli.
  7. Add in ¼ cup of soy sauce** and ¼ cup of water.
  8. Simmer for 5 minutes.
  9. Add in brown sugar and simmer for a few more minutes.
  10. Serve hot.

* I used 3 tbsp of brown sugar for this recipe because I find our broccoli a bit bitter. The result is that my dish tasted a bit like asado sauce. You may adjust the amount of sugar that you will add in depending on your taste preference.

** Again, this is about preferences. Add in the soy sauce gradually and taste what you’re cooking to adjust accordingly.

The end result? My husband was raving about my new recipe! This was a successful Kitchen Adventure! What made me happier was that our little one loved everything in it that he ate a lot. I was so glad that all of my efforts in preparing and cooking this dish paid off.

‘Til my next Kitchen Adventure! :)