Hello There, Landers Alabang!

Finally! Landers Alabang West

Landers finally opened here at the South! My husband read about it in his FB feed early this week and said that we check it out on Friday. So, off we went to  Landers Alabang West after his errands and our usual Friday routine. I don’t know if it was just the usual Friday traffic in the Commerce Ave-Daang Hari route or the volume of cars heading Landers, but we spent quite some time on the road on our way there. It’s a good thing that we had take out food to eat during the ride.

I first read about Landers setting up here in Alabang in the Mommy FB groups. There has been a buzz to this superstore in the last quarter of 2017. Some said that if you’re just buying for your personal consumption, it is best to shop at Landers. But, if you’re buying for your business, S&R is the place that you should go to.

When we got there, the Landers open parking was already full but there were several cars queuing for slots. We were directed to a nearby dirt-road-like property which was almost full at the time. Parking is FREE :) We walked all the way to the superstore’s entrance which was brimming with people. Landers has set up a registration area for new members right near the entrance.

Registration for New Members

The staff were very prompt and accomodating to everyone. There’s a special lane for pregnant women, senior citizens, and PWDs. Since I was babywearing Bubs yesterday, a member of the staff helped me process my application asap. The regular rate for a Premium membership is Php800 but they are offering a 50% discount so I only paid Php400. Not sure, though, when the promo rate will end. While paying for my card, a lady showed a printout to the staff and asked where she can claim her membership card. That’s when I learned that we can apply online. Too bad I didn’t knew that before!

Federal Barbers at Landers

Federal Barbers, located on the right side of the entrance, offers FREE haircut, as well as, shampoo and blowdry! My husband initially planned to avail of  the free haircut but it was already late and the shop was full so he had to pass up on this chance.

Inside Landers

Landers also have the open-shelves setup where you can see products stacked up high. Kind of like how S&R does.





Dough and Co. has a long table that is full of a wide array of cakes, cookies, muffins and other pastries that are either sold at a lower price or are on a Buy 1 Take 1 promo. We were able to buy that 4-piece Chocolate Chip Muffin box for only Php149.75. They taste good especially when warmed from the oven.

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Landers also have a lot of under Php100 deals that we took advantage of! Among them are:

Rainbow Nerds

  • Rainbow Nerds (big) –
  • Siviero Maria Gelato (Pistachio and Tiramisu -150ml ea) – Php49.75
  • Totally Awesome Bathroom and Shower Cleaner – Php59.75
  • SuperSoft Table Napkins – Php49.75
  • Ivory Soap (Original) – Php69.75
  • TJ Farms Select Blueberries – Php69.75
  • Ersao Seafood Gyoza Micro – Php64.75
  • Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – Php64.75
  • Nestle Buncha Crunch – Php64.75
Plenty of gelato flavors to choose from!
Plenty of gelato flavors to choose from!
Wine, wine, wine!
Wine, wine, wine!


Here are a couple of my husband’s great finds :)

Captain America and Battle Cycle

Marvel Avengers Captain America with Battle Cycle (Php549.75). Our big boy chose this over the Iron Man.

Glad Sink Cutlery Holder

Glad Sink Cutlery Holder (Php324.75) at 50% off!

We were supposed to eat at Landers Central, their in-house foodcourt but the line was too long and we couldn’t get a table.

Also, Landers had a promo in partnership with the Caltex station within it’s vicinity. It was past 8PM when we got out of the store, the queue to Caltex was too long, we haven’t eaten yet and we’re all too tired so we didn’t avail of the promo.

If you’re planning to visit Landers Alabang West on a weekend, you might want to:

  1. Eat before heading to the superstore. Shopping when hungry is not a good idea.
  2. Brace yourself for a high probability of heavy traffic. This is also why it’s important to do Tip #1.
  3. Watch out for Buy 1 Take 1, 50% Off and other discount deals.
  4. If you’re planning to dine at Landers Central after shopping, you might want to ask your conpanion to get a table at the foodcourt area while you’re still at the checkout counter.




Family Day at OPPOF5xEK

We are so blessed to spend the holiday last November 30 at Enchanted Kingdom and join OPPO F5‘s celebration of National Selfie Day! We get to enjoy the whole event as a family (plus my niece). The OPPO and SparkIT teams got everything covered – an all-access pass to EK’s rides; a short program; and even a mini-concert for everyone to enjoy. With all of these, everyone definitely got selfie-worthy pics!

When I became a mom, I make it a point to make fun-filled and pleasant memories for my family. What better way to immortalize our day at the magical and well-loved theme park here in the South than to take plenty of photos, especially selfies so that each one of us is in every picture.  It was my firstborn’s third time at the park, and now that he’s four years old, he was able to enjoy more of the rides. My husband, being more on the adventurous side, wanted to take our boy for a ride on the Jungle Log Jam. I vehemently opposed as there is a great possibility that our little boy will get scared mid-ride and cause him great distress. Very unsafe! Anyway, EK would be around for some time and he will get to try out such thrill-filled rides when he’s old enough.

Since our baby girl is too young (she’s only two months old) to partake in the park’s attractions, she and I spent most of the time inside the Eldar’s Tent, which served as a holding area for the event’s participants. But I still had the chance to jump in the Bump ‘N Splash with my son and my niece and had fun driving in circles and squirting water on strangers. Thanks to my hubs for taking care of our baby for a while. Back at the tent, I was able to get a closer look at the sleek, red, OPPO F5 6GB and prayed hard to be one of the 10 winners of that day’s giveaway. Sadly, I wasn’t. Check out the press release below to get a glimpse of the National Selfie Day’s highlights and for OPPO F5’s specs – to find out why I was heartbroken that I didn’t win that night. But, I’m okay now. I have already moved on 😀

——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————PRESS RELEASE

OPPO Celebrates National Selfie Day at Enchanted Kingdom
Celebration continues with more than 100 smartphones to be given away this holiday season

Manila, Philippines (December 1, 2017) – OPPO, the Selfie Expert, believes that the Philippines, being named as the “selfie capital of the world” is a title that calls for a celebration. Because of this, OPPO has come up with a National Selfie Day last November 30 by treating its loyal fans to a magical day at Enchanted Kingdom and announcing the National Selfie Day online contest with more than 100 phones to be given away this Christmas Season.

Hundreds of OPPO supporters from all over Metro Manila have gathered for this special occasion. They were highly encouraged to bring their family and friends for a truly memorable experience. Everyone enjoyed the day with unlimited access to the park’s attractions and a variety of food choices around each park zone.
With various picturesque and selfie-worthy spots around Enchanted Kingdom, fans made sure to capture each moment using their OPPO F5 phones with its 20MP A.I. Front Camera and 16MP Rear Camera.

Photo courtesy of OPPO
Photo courtesy of OPPO

“National Selfie Day is both a celebration and a reward to our fans for their undying loyalty and support to the brand. And what better way to celebrate this day than to share this with people that matter to them the most, their family and friends,” said Eason de Guzman, OPPO Philippines’ Public Relations Manager.

Capping off the day is a culminating concert where they officially announced the limited edition OPPO F5 6GB as the newest addition to the F5 line-up. OPPO also shared the news of its partnership with Miss Possibilities, a beauty pageant for young women with special needs. Both organizations believe in redefining beauty and thus, are one in their cause in capturing the real you in every person. The night ended with a magical fireworks display that left a smile to everyone’s faces.
National Selfie Day Continues

Photo courtesy of OPPO
Photo courtesy of OPPO

National Selfie Day doesn’t stop there as it is also an online contest wherein fans would stand a chance to win their own OPPO smartphone as they will be giving away 100 phones in 6 weeks from Nov 30 to January 10, 2018. Participants will simply upload their selfies at http://bit.ly/OPPONSD and follow the mechanics to qualify, a total of 18 winners will be announced weekly.

Also announced as well is the flagship limited edition red OPPO F5 6GB that will be exclusively available at OPPO concept stores nationwide starting December 9, 2017 for Php21,990. Every purchase comes with a free Olike Bluetooth speaker worth Php2,990.

For more exciting updates, stay tuned to OPPO Philippines’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/OPPOPH/.

# # #


Press Contact
Eason de Guzman Jr
Public Relations Manager

Kara Santiago
PR Account Manager

Social Media Channels


About OPPO
For the last 10 years, OPPO has been focusing on manufacturing camera phones, while innovating mobile photography technology breakthroughs. OPPO started the era of selfie beautification and was the first brand to launch smartphones with 5MP and 16MP front cameras. OPPO was also the first brand to introduce the motorized rotating camera, the Ultra HD feature and the 5x Dual Camera Zoom technology. OPPO’s Selfie Expert F series launched in 2016 drove a selfie trend in the smartphone industry.

In 2016, OPPO was ranked as the number 4 smartphone brand globally, according to IDC. And today, OPPO provides excellent smartphone photography experience to over 100 million young people around the world. For more information, please visit http://www.oppo.com/ph/index.html


My husband and I initially planned to leave early but we end up staying until evening as he, our son, and my niece enjoy EK’s attractions as much as they can. During that time, our baby and I got comfy at the tent while watching the concert from afar and waiting for the announcement of winners.

We were all tired that day but happy that we got to have an awesome time at the Enchanted Kingdom for OPPO’s National Selfie Day! Many thanks again, OPPO :)

Want to have this limited edition of OPPO F5 for Christmas? Go and check out the stores tomorrow, December 9, and see for yourself how OPPO, the Selfie Expert, can capture the real you!

Weekends are for Flying Kites

We have been wanting to fly a kite and thought that our little boy would enjoy it. My husband bought a ready-made kite at Landmark Makati last Tuesday for for only Php99. It was a big one that has an airplane printed on it. Our son wanted to add googly eyes to it and call it a Pteranodon. He is fond of anything related to dinosaurs.

As the days go by, our little Kuya gets giddy as Saturday approaches. We promised him that we will find an open space to fly our kite on the weekend. It’s been raining since Wednesday and typhoon Gorio hit the country on Thursday. It’s been raining and a bit windy in our city almost the whole day of Friday. Saturday morning looked promising to me – it isn’t that sunny but it isn’t raining either. But, by the time my son woke up, around 12nn (we let him sleep in on weekends), it rained! We then told him that we cannot go outside. He suggested that we use an umbrella. I told him that we can’t fly a kite holding an umbrella. He must have prayed really hard because while we were starting on our morning routine, the rain stopped and the sun shone. My husband then prompted us to seize that opportunity so we all got ready to leave for the nearby Sports Center, which has an open field that is perfect for flying a kite. It was a good time for us because the field was nearly empty. People usually flock to that area very early in the morning to exercise, bike, and do picnics. They leave when the sun begins to shine at its hottest.

My husband quickly prepped the kite and the excitement began to build up. I was so thrilled to have my son experience flying a kite as I have never did it during my childhood. As much as I would like to be the one to run and tug the string, being 7 months, I opted to be the one to propel the kite into the air. In no time, the kite was up in the air and my husband maneuvered it so it would get higher and higher. Our son was so happy to see our kite up in the air. I asked him to tug the string for him to fully experience it. At first, he was scared to do so. Maybe because he remembered from his book, Curious George – The Kite, when the monkey was blown away with the kite. I assured him that it wouldn’t happen to him as he is heavier than George.

Curious George - The Kite

As the kite was already cruising up in the air, his Dad gradually put the string holder in his little hand. Our little boy tugged the string and ran a bit towards our direction. He was not scared anymore and I could tell that he enjoyed it. I tried flying our awesome kite and loved it. Too bad, the kite got tangled on the branches of a very tall tree and the string got cut off. It was beginning to be windy and we hoped for our kite to fall on the ground; sadly it didn’t. We just told our boy that we will buy another one that we can use on Sunday.

We bought a smaller Spiderman kite at Japan Home for Php66. We’ll see how it fares compared to our airplane kite.