The Aila Comla Show on FB Live

When you’re stuck in traffic or enduring a long commute, let The Aila Comla Show on FB Live entertain you! It’s the first of its kind here in the Philippines and the brainchild of an events engineer and mom of two, Aila Comla. Acee, as she is fondly called by loved ones and friends, took advantage of Facebook’s Live feature and created a show of her own, with a format that’s a bit similar to a radio show. Each morning, after she and her husband have taken the kids to school, Acee would set up her smartphone and go on broadcast as her husband continues to drive on their way to a meeting or while running some errands. And just like that, she became the first female car jockey in the Philippines. 

The Aila Comla Show

Get to know more about The Aila Comla Show and the car jockey herself from our Q & A below.

Arge: When did The Aila Comla Show (ACS) began and what prompted you to set this up?

Acee: Actually, it  all started out of curiosity. I was like in the car and just looking on my FB account and just wandered about the FB live button and when I pressed it I begun talking about anything under the sun. And after that, I was shocked to see that it gone through 1k views already. I received private messages from friends saying that it was a nice show. You did it! Then I asked myself if I am ready for this. As we know, you cannot please everyone, there will be bashers anywhere, so If I continue doing this, I should be ready and be prepared for everything. It’s social media anyway, one of the most influential media,  I must say.

Arge: Aside from live greetings and trivia, what else can we expect in the re-launch of ACS?

Acee: Well, we will be having different segments aside from the “Greetings Galore” and trivia. On the re-launch, it’s kinda new thing because we shall be having a joy-ride guests, phone patch interviews, jamming, “What’s Happening?” (events to hook up), the usual traffic zone and weather updates since we are always on the road. And I want it to be as literally ALIVE show, that viewers can set aside their pressures from work and anything that bothers them. I want them to smile and be happy :)

Arge: What are the challenges that you encounter in running the ACS?

Acee: The challenges… WHEEW! It’s getting a better signal because we are moving. You know why? Sometimes when you’re really on your momentum and viewers are participating and then suddenly the signal becomes weak the viewers get to dropped.. Ugh! It is like you are going to start all over again.

Arge: What motivates you to keep up with ACS?

Acee: You won’t believe it, but it’s because of people like you who believes in this kind of show and the #ailanatics who wait the entire day, texting, pm-ing me asking what time will I start to be on FB live so that they can watch and stay tune. And most especially, the people who send their interest of sponsoring this show like giving me GC’s, discount cards and other freebies for the viewers. I’m very thankful for the following sponsors:

1. FXActionTeamPH
2. Bizpaye Philippines
3. Cygnal Travel and Tours Co.
4. Ascento Parfum
5. AP Simon Dental Clinic
6. Cupcakes, Cookies and Pies
7. JKA’s Catering and Events

Arge: What are your future plans for your show?

Acee: Speaking of future plans, I hope to make it a big show, have an activities like meet and greet with the people who view it, more cameras inside the car :) and invite big personalities as well. And as much as possible, a show not just to make people smile but to inspire and empower them :).

Acee’s career includes working as a radio artist for six years.  She was part of “Barkadahan Radyo-radyo”, a singing contest over radio with a skit drama. The show was then reformatted to a variety show called  ” Awit Tawanan” with Tito Joey Galvez and May Valle (now Ceniza). After a year, she also became part of the “Baranggay Showdown”  with Martin D and Tita Winnie Cordero. It’s a game show where they go to different baranggays via remote live show.

In between radio projects,  Acee had gigs dubbing for local TV shows (Firefly, a Koreanovela,  and Twins of St Claire, a Tagalized cartoon series) and some Pinoy movies up until she was five months pregnant with her firstborn. She also had a brief stints in teleseryes like Hiram and Sarah the Teen Princess. She stopped accepting dubbing projects when she became a mom. She couldn’t stay up late because she wants to be a hands-on mom, personally attending to her kids’ needs.

Say hello to Acee on social media and send your requests and comments:
Instagram: AilaComla
Twitter: EventCreate

The Metro Class Suspensions App

If you’re a parent, you seriously need this Android app for your kids. The Metro Class Suspensions app will give you up-to-date class suspensions in all cities of Metro Manila so you wouldn’t have to look for class-related  announcements elsewhere. Information displayed on the Metro Class Suspensions app are taken from the official social media accounts of city governments including that of the Department of Education (DepEd) to provide you with credible and verified announcements. Check out the features of the Metro Class Suspensions app below.

Metro Class Suspensions App - Home
Metro Class Suspensions App – Home


Metro Class Suspensions App - Menu
Metro Class Suspensions App – Menu


Metro Class Suspensions App - Weather
Metro Class Suspensions App – Weather


Metro Class Suspensions App - Latest News
Metro Class Suspensions App – Latest News


Metro Class Suspensions App - Nation
Metro Class Suspensions App – Nation


Metro Class Suspensions App - Entertainment
Metro Class Suspensions App – Entertainment


Metro Class Suspensions App - Sports
Metro Class Suspensions App – Sports


Metro Class Suspensions App - Sharing a Page
Metro Class Suspensions App – Sharing a Page


Metro Class Suspensions - SMS Subscription 1
Get news on class suspensions delivered straight to your SMS inbox


Metro Class Suspensions - SMS Subscription
Easy SMS subscription


Download the Metro Class Suspensions app from the Google Play Store now!

Not an Android user? No problem! The Metro Class Suspensions has a mobile site which will be accessible under the Free Basics program of You may also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

How We Overcame Stress in Taking Vitamins

This post was made in collaboration with Nutri10 Plus. All opinions stated are mine.

My son used to run away from me whenever it’s time for him to take his vitamins. That was because he disliked the flavor of the brands that he used to take. They were either too sour or a bit bitter for him. He couldn’t wait to drink water right away and he would sometimes ask for candy or Jelly Ace just to overcome the not-so-good taste in his mouth.

Motorcycle Ride at NANKID
First time to ride a motorcycle on his own

Things changed when I started giving him Nutri10 Plus. He loves its ponkan flavor and it tastes just right. I know because I tried it, too 😉 Now, whenever it’s time to take his vitamins, he would gladly walk up to me and open his mouth. He would often savor on the taste as if he is eating candy and he is no longer in a rush to drink water. Nutri10 Plus just made it easier for me to give him the food supplement that he needs and makes it a pleasant experience for his part.

My Little Jumper
My little jumper in action

Nutri10 Plus is not just a great-tasting syrup. It’s that one food supplement that is packed with Chrlorella Growth Factor (CGF), Lysine, Taurine, Zinc and with the essential vitamins such as Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3 and E. These certainly help me a lot in keeping up with my child’s active lifestyle and aid in his growth and    development.

Nutri10 Plus Syrup

Consult your child’s pediatrician now so your child can also enjoy the many benefits of taking Nutri10 Plus Syrup. Para sa batang aktibo’t malakas!


Nestle NANKID My Kid’s First BENZ Car Show

My son was so privileged and happy that he was able to test drive the luxurious two-door Mercedes-Benz roadster at the launch of Nestle’s NANKID My Kid’s First BENZ  last September 15 at The Tent at Enderun at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig.

NANKID My Kid's First Benz Logo

Nestle and Mercedes-Benz, world-class leaders in their respective industries, have collaborated in this giveaway to add to your children’s many exciting firsts. The young ones will surely be thrilled to drive their own child-sized, electric version of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster. For more of this sleek car’s specs, watch the video below.

Check out the poster below on how you can win one for your child. Also, read the full mechanics here.

NANKID My Kid's First Benz Poster


About NANKID OPTIPRO FOUR (from the Press Release)

NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR are products of the NESTLÉ Research Center’s advanced research and milk technology.

NANKID® is the only preschool milk with optimized protein, a high quality, lower quantity milk protein that supports age appropriate weight gain and optimal development. NESTLÉ’s exclusive and state of the art manufacturing technology make NANKID® OPTIPRO® FOUR and NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR the very first in their class.

NANKID® OPTIPRO® HW FOUR also contains partially hydrolyzed whey, clinically proven to reduce the risk of allergies.

NANKID Limited Edition Packs


If Books Were Money, My Son Would Be Rich By Now

Here’s a post that I have drafted on paper a couple of months ago. Finally, I was able to publish it on the blog today!

We started reading to our son when he was still in my womb – from tiny board books given to his Dad as part of their office Kris Kringle to the downloaded nursery rhymes and story books on our iPad. Those tiny board books are still with us today and my son would still read them on his own, that is, pointing to pictures and identifying objects that he knows and mimicking the tone that I use during our read aloud sessions. He would be blabbing on some parts of the story.

His Dad, who commutes to and from work daily, would occasionally drop by BookSale, the bookstore adjacent to the bus terminal and would buy books that he knows our little boy would love. It was a good thing that the shop has a wide selection of books that they sell on bargain. My husband would usually buy three books from that store each month. But one time, he splurged on four books to cultivate our son’s growing love for reading and it was such a blessing that all of them were from our little one’s favorite series namely Curious George and Dr. Seuss.

Book Haul

When we began having weekly mother-and-son dates at the neighborhood mall, a trip to National Bookstore and BookSale is a must for my child. We would linger close to an hour at his favorite Children’s Books section as he would scan the pages of the books that piqued his interest. He loves books that involved animals and keeps going back to read them. Whenever I would notice that he likes a particular book, I would offer to buy it for him so we could enjoy it at home. He would decline most of the time. I’m so blessed to have a son who gets contented with browsing and window shopping :) At times when we would chance upon a book that he really liked or finally found an elusive title, I would purchase it right away and take him to Country Style where we would read our recent find while having doughnuts and coffee (for me).

My Little Reader
My Little Reader

At home on most mornings, he prefers having milk in bed and asks me to read a couple of books to him before we go downstairs for his breakfast. Recently, I adapted a fill-in-the-blanks strategy in where I would either let him finish a sentence or identify an object in the story. This makes our sessions more interactive and very lively. Doing this also encouraged him to read books on his own, even though he can’t read everything written in the pages yet. He would read before bedtime while waiting for Mommy and Daddy to finish the chores downstairs. When we’re all settled in bed, he would request that we read at least three books to him, which includes his activity books and his favorite dinosaur books, before finally going to sleep. He would also read Ate and Kuya’s old books at Granny’s after playing with the stuff inside their toy box. He would gladly peruse on his new book while we are waiting for our turn at the grocery’s check out counter, to pass the time at the doctor’s clinic and extended his patience as he waited for his parents’ passports to be renewed.

I’ve been praying that my son will carry on with the habit of reading books as he grows up and have children and grandchildren of his own and ultimately, pass on the habit to them. There’s so much that we can learn from reading. My husband and I have been discovering a lot from the books that we buy for our son. I never imagined that I could memorize a ton of dinosaur names just because my boy is so fascinated in them!

I have decluttered a few weeks ago and finally let go of my boy’s first batch of books. We have passed them on to his younger cousins hoping that they will also get hooked on reading. We still have plenty in the bookcase upstairs and in the shelf downstairs. We will be getting new ones, anyway. If books were money, my son would be rich by now.


Allied Against Dengue

The rising cases of dengue is very alarming these days. A province down South was even declared as being in a state of calamity as one after another of its residents were taken to the hospital to seek help against that virus. Some have even succumbed to death. We can’t just let dengue wear us down. We all need to be Allied Against Dengue!

My first encounter with dengue was when my husband unknowingly acquired the virus. I was on my first trimester when he was confined to the hospital because of the rashes that appeared in his body after several days of having on-and-off fever. His platelet count was monitored throughout his stay and he was on IV. It was a great blessing that we survived that ordeal. Since then, we have become more cautious in warding off mosquitoes (we don’t know which one would be an Aedes Aegypti) in our home. We would slather our skin with insect repellant lotion and use electric mosquito repeller in our home. We can only do so much to stop dengue on our own. We all need to be united – informed but not paranoid – in order to fight this deadly virus.

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, a leading global pharmaceutical company, has collaborated with the Department of Health (DOH), Mercury Drug Corporation (MDC),, and CNN Philippines in an initiative that will create a great impact in mitigating the dangers of the dengue virus. Recently, GSK representatives, health experts and advocates have come together to inform the press of the present dengue-related statistics, the government’s on-going campaign, case studies and their personal experiences with dengue. I was more than happy to be in that event because I was able to learn more about the spread of the virus and how to properly manage it. Myths about the dengue virus were also debunked. It was a very informative afternoon where the experts answered our queries and gave advice on how best to protect our families and communities against dengue. According to Dr Lyndon Lee Suy (DOH), “Dengue control is a shared responsibility.”

Heather Pelier, General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
Heather Pelier, General Manager of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare, presented the current status of dengue in the Philippines
Dr Lyndon Lee Suy, DOH
Dr Lyndon Lee Suy, DOH, revealed that the dengue vaccine has been rolled out in Region 4A and in NCR. This vaccine is believed to keep the recipient immuned from all the four types of the dengue virus.


Dr Sally Gatchalian, GSK
Dr Sally R. Gatchalian, GSK, explained why the dengue situation in PH has worsened.


After their individual presentations, the proponents of the Allied Against Dengue campaign, together with Calpol (GSK’s Paracetamol for children) brand ambassador, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta, answered questions from the audience.

Allied Against Dengue Q & A

As gleaned from the discussion, here are more facts about dengue.


  • Pain in the eyes
  • Severe headache
  • Positive result in Tourniquet Test
  • Sleeping most of the time

SYMPTOMS of Dengue:

  • High and continuous fever that lasts from 2 to seven days
  • Bleeding of gums
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Flushing of skin
  • Rashes in arms

* Patient must be observed two days after the fever disappears.

What We Can Do at Home



  • Search and destroy breeding grounds of mosquitoes.
Rowena Wendy Lim Lei and Jolina Magdangal-Escueta
Rowena Wendy Lim Lei (left), a seasoned family and lifestyle blogger, talked to Jolina Magdangal-Escueta (right) about her experience with dengue as well as tips on how to prevent it.


Allied Against Dengue Pledge
Proponent of the campaign led the pledge for being an Ally Against Dengue


Be an ally against dengue! Protect yourself, your family and your community. To know more about dengue prevention, control and management, please read the ToDOH laban sa Dengue: A Primer on Dengue.

Potty Talk

Okay. This might be a little TMI but I can’t help but be proud of my three-year-old’s recent milestone – having poopsie on the big potty!

It just happened last night at my parents’ house. L was walking awkward with his knees together toward the bathroom and he was repeatedly saying, “Poopsie, poopsie, poopsie.” I immediately ushered him to the bath, took off his pants and undies, and positioned him on the bowl. He didn’t hesitate to sit on it but just did what he had to do. I kept marveling at how he was able to do it on the big potty! I was sitting beside him the whole time rubbing his back for he was having a bit of a hard time getting it all out. Being the proud mom that I am, I was telling everyone at the house of how awesome my boy was for sitting on the toilet bowl. (I hope you’re not eating while reading this.)

I’m so happy at how our journey to potty training had turned out. It was a long process with hits and misses in between. We did not forced our son into it even if others told us kids his age were trained already. We went through the training gradually, letting our son took the reins. We even postponed it at some point when we felt that he wasn’t ready. We resumed with the training by asking him to sit on the potty – sometimes he would, other times he refused. I downloaded a potty training chart to document his progress. I let him put stickers or washi tape on the chart whenever he would pee and poop on the potty and tell us when he needed to go. Through time, he got accustomed to doing his business in our bathroom, and lately, in public restrooms. However, he would never pee on a restroom that doesn’t look and smell clean to him. I haven’t taught him about it but my kid was already able to discern whether a public toilet is worth a peak or not. He did that twice already.

Now that my child is potty trained, I have excluded diapers from my grocery list. We saved a lot on wipes, too.

I hope I didn’t grossed you out with this post.

I’m just one proud momma of an awesome little (big)  one!

My Great Finds at S & R Alabang

I got to find out what it’s like to shop at S&R even when I wasn’t a member yet. Back when I was still working at BGC, I tagged along with my officemates, who were cardholders of this membership-shopping club, to have lunch at its Food Service. I ordered a serving of Cheese Pizza for only Php99. It was a very filling meal for me because that serving consists of two slices of mouthwatering mozzarella goodness. The S&R Baked Beef Roll is also a must-try. I bought some for me and my husband and those rolls have somewhat made our traffic-filled ride home (from work) more bearable. That savory beef roll comes in a big serving, too. Since then, it has become my husband’s favorite.

I went past the Food Service and into the shopping area. I want to see if it is worth shelling out Php700 to be a Gold Member, the default membership card for regular shoppers. The other type of membership is the Business Member which is suited for business owners. I surveyed the goods being sold and the brands that they carry. Most of the merchandise available at the store are imported brands but they also have locally produced items. Some are being sold by the bulk, by two’s and in jumbo packs. There are a few items that can be purchased on its own. It was around Christmas time when I shopped at the BGC branch, still as a guest, and went out with an assortment of stuff that the kids really loved. I got a Mickey Mouse bowling set, two adorable girly back packs, a set of coloring books for boys, and another set of coloring and sticker books for girls. It was a positive experience that made me convince my husband to sign up for our own membership card.We can use it on all S&R branches nationwide, anyway.

He wasn’t all that sold on getting our own card. He told me to give it much thought. One time, after work, I joined my teammates again as they were about to do their groceries. I was disappointed that I barely found anything in the store that matches the items on my grocery list. Maybe, it’s not meant for us to have that card. I totally forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2016, my husband and I were so frustrated that we didn’t get that specialized package that we’ve been anticipating for a couple of months. That package included Delimondo, a local brand of corned beef that was only being sold at S&R and selected grocery stores that are far from where we live. It was a good thing that my sister holds a Gold Membership card at S&R Alabang. She told me that she signed up because the elusive lunch box that she wanted was only available at that store. I checked out the requirements from the S&R website and applied for an extension card through my sister’s membership. I got my card right after I applied though it would take a few hours before it gets activated. The staff just gave me a stub that I would have to show to the cashier whenever I would make a purchase. Since then, we have shopped at S&R thrice.

Here are my great finds from those trips. I have managed to take note of the prices of some of the items.


Maya Mickey Mouse Champorado – 2 boxes with 2 packs each (4 packs in total)

S&R_Walnut Brownies

Duncan Hines California Walnut Decadent Brownie Mix 

S&R_Red Velvet Cake

Duncan Hines Red Velvet Deliciously Moist Cake Mix

S&R_Cafe Nova Cafe LatteCafe Nova Cafe Latte

S&R_Cookies Bergen Chocolate Chips Teddy Bear Cookies

Cookies Bergen Chocolate Chips Teddy Bear Cookies (500g) – Php 119.95

Delimondo announced at their FB page on May 25 that their sought-after corned beef is now available at selected SM supermarkets.

Delimondo Garlic and Chili Corned Beef (380g) – Php 162.95

S&R_Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Lifetime Foldable Table and Keter Kids Blue Chair
Perfect for our homeschool setup. My son can get messy with his clay, watercolor, crayons and stamps on this easy-to-clean table.

Lifetime Rectangular Foldable Table (approx 70cm x 45cm, from US) – On Sale for only Php895 /   Keter Kids Blue  Chair (from Israel)- Php299

  • Tide Original + Bright Whites Powder (4 kgs)
  • Carnation Hash Browns (20 pcs) – Php 199.75
  • S&R Moringa Calamansi Juice Powder with Real Malunggay Leaves (2 kgs) – Php 334.95 – We’ve been drinking this juice whenever we have colds. Even my three-year old likes it. I also made ice pops out of this juice and they were a hit among the kids.
  • Natura Almond Milk (Original) – Php 109.95
  • Whole Wheat Baguette (250 g) – Php 34.95
  • Walter Ube Bread – Php 49.95
  • Japanese Sweet Corn – Php 129.95
  • Bounty Fresh Eggs (one dozen) – Best eggs I’ve tasted! I love that its egg yolks are firm and brightly colored.
  • Century Tuna Flakes in Brine (4 cans) – Php 143.95
  • US Vanilla Marble Creme Ring Cake and US Double Choco Chip Creme Ring Cake (Buy 1 Take 1) – We got both cakes for only Php 299.95 – My favorite is the Choco Chip Cake :)

It’s good to shop at S&R when I want to buy by the bulk. But, it could get costly since we can’t buy everything that we usually need for our weekly supply. That’s why I assured my husband that we would only go there occasionally; when we want something that is exclusively sold at that store.


Inexpensive Healthy Eats by Miziz

Some people think that it would be too expensive to serve and have healthy dishes for every meal. It’s actually more of an excuse when one is reluctant to munch on healthy bites and prefer to have fastfood. Been there, done that. After having aches and pains and too many health-related inconveniences, my husband and I have decided to be more intentional in our food choices – eating healthy as often as we can. You read that right; “as often as we can” and not “all the time”. I want us to have a healthy disposition as we commit to have a healthier diet. I don’t want us to feel repressed when we eat. That would only make us prone to binge or eat more unhealthy food.

It’s a good thing that we have more option when it comes to finding healthy eats. I am glad that even in the office, my husband has access to grab-and-go healthy meals that he can eat in a jiffy on a meeting-filled day. Miziz is his source of healthy, yummy, and not to mention, affordable sandwiches. My husband’s favorite is the Chicken Pesto with Cheese sandwich. One time, he brought one home for me and I was able to figure out why he liked it. It was made from flavorful grilled chicken and tasty pesto. I am not a fan of pesto but I was able to enjoy that sandwich up to the last bite.

Miziz Burger
Photo by Byron Ramos

The Hubs has shared bits and pieces of the story behind Miziz. I have learned that it was the brain-child of the wife of his colleague. I got curious and so on one of the family events in the office, I took the opportunity to sit down and talk to The Miziz. Here’s what I have found out:

  • Christine has a passion for cooking ever since she was single. She is a stay-at-home mom to three boys and wife to a man who has a distinctive palate.
  • She wanted to try her hand in making pan de sal for her family’s consumption. Over time, she kept on baking and tweaking her recipe until she finally got it perfect.
  • When she got confident with her pan de sal making skills, she tried to use that dough to make pizza. Her husband brought some to his office and it became a hit. Orders started to come in.
  • They went full blast with their little home-based biz in September 2015 and operated under the name Miziz. It became a family affair with her husband helping out with the preparations and their two helpers taking care of the packaging.
  • Aside from pizza, Miziz also offers cakes and sandwiches. They have experimented with different flavor combinations like the Pizza Burger Sandwich, BBQ Sandwich (best paired with coleslaw, according to Christine), Chicken Pesto Sandwich (their bestseller), Laing Pizza, All Veggies Pizza, and their Kawawa Pizza (sardines and veggies).
  • The Miziz Laing was from a recipe that was passed on to them by her husband’s Bicolana grandmother. When serving Laing, Christine buys young gabi leaves fresh from the market and cooks them over charcoal for two hours.
  • Miziz plans to participate in bazaars as soon as they have acquired a portable heater.

Miziz is currently accepting orders via their Facebook page. Their physical store will be opened soon. Watch out for their announcement!

A baby caterpillar is called …

I make it a point to read books to my son before bedtime.

One night, he asked that we read his little books. Those were the books that were given to my husband as part of their Kris Kringle in the office. They are condensed versions of well-loved children’s tales. I’ve been reading those to him even before he was born.

We were reading Alice in Wonderland. My son loves animals and everything about them! He knows the mother-and-young pairs and can identify them even without a picture. We got to the pages when Alice encountered the rabbit and the caterpillar.

L: A baby rabbit is called … bunny!

Me: (Smiling proudly) Very good!

L: A baby caterpillar is called …

Me: (Wondering if he already know because we haven’t taught him about it yet.)

L: (Happily announced) Lizard!


We both laughed so hard after that! I told him that caterpillars and lizards are different from each other. I taught him that a caterpillar will become a butterfly and that lizards give birth to eggs.

I was really amused at my little boy and admired his creative thinking :) He actually learns quickly when animals are involved. Also, it was his love for animals that encouraged him to speak more words :)